Winter’s Jazz Club: A Musical Discovery in Streeterville

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Tucked away in the heart of Streeterville is a musical gem known as Winter’s Jazz Club, featuring live Jazz, Tuesdays through Saturdays. 


Recently opened in November, at 465 N. McClurg Ct., this musical café might not be physically large, but it showcases large musical talent. In association with public radio station 90.9 FM – WDCB, Winter’s Jazz Club highlights established artists as well as new and upcoming acts.

On my first visit to Winter’s, on a cold Thursday night, I encountered a very warm establishment with a relaxing atmosphere. Soothing, uplifting jazz notes filled the room as patrons sipped their favorite wine or cocktails and the Fludas Trio with Dee Alexander played on stage. An inviting fireplace greeted me at the entrance with an amiable host welcoming me inside. A nearby sign explained: (3) sessions tonight at 7:00, 8:30, and 10:00.  “How nice,” I thought, “three shows for the customers’ convenience.”

Dee Alexander performing with the George Fludas Trio. (Photo by WDCB.)
Dee Alexander performing with the George Fludas Trio. (Photo by WDCB.)

“Jazz is a rhythm and meaning” according to artist Henri Matisse. This is a firm belief held by Winter’s proprietor Scott Stegman, who engaged us in a very nice conversation and is determined to spotlight Jazz in the Streeterville neighborhood. Scott is convinced that this type of music and its patrons are equally underserved and is dedicated to serving both needs.     

Based out of Glen Ellyn, WDCB (90.9 FM) is considered “Chicago’s home for jazz and blues on the radio” featuring various jazz programs 7 days a week, including “Legends of Jazz” on Sunday afternoons from 12:00 – 2:00 P.M. with Ramsey Lewis.  In general, WDCB’s format is a perfect match for any fan of jazz who might consider visiting Winter’s.

Always optimistic, proprietor Scott Stegman is already looking forward to spring time weather to an ideal summer location where scenic views of the Chicago River are just steps away from Winter’s front door. Comfortable outdoor furniture, terrific views, exceptional music, and delicious drinks will be very appealing to the neighborhood in the new year.

Indeed, Chicago’s jazz community will be enjoying an entertaining musical oasis for all to discover.  So whether you’ve been a jazz aficionado for years or if you are new to the jazz scene, an evening at Winter’s Jazz Club will be a refreshing cultural experience.       

More About Winter’s Jazz Club

“Our mission is simple: To perpetuate the joy of live jazz by presenting the best interpretations of the best arrangements of the best songs in the canon of classic jazz (and slightly beyond).

Above all, Winter’s strives to be a listening room. Our intimate club seats 100 in the listening room and 25 in the bar area. Overlooking the beautiful Ogden Slip, our outdoor patio seats 18 and we pride ourselves on offering an expertly curated selection of beverages and specialty cocktails accompanied by top-notch service. We aim to pour and serve a proper drink… properly.”

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