5 Trends That Owned the Runway of Paris Fashion Week

Not so long ago, the bright and alive city of Paris has been having a glamorous blast. Yes, we are talking about the Paris Fashion Week of 2019. The show was a huge success and everyone that attended the event left it with a baffled mind, due to mind-blowing and …

5 Styling Tips From The Designers In Paris Fashion Week

As everybody in the fashion is aware of, the lively city of Paris has been keeping well in touch with its glamour and fashion side. That’s right, we are referring to the Paris Fashion Week of 2019 that took place not a very long while ago.

5 Styling Tips From The Designers In The Milan Fashion Week

The bright and the fashionably alive city of Milan, has just recently finished partying, with the Milan Fashion Week of the year 2019 coming to a fabulous blast.

5 Trends That Owned the Runway of Milan Fashion Week

The capital of fashion and design in Italy, the glamorous city of Milan has been keeping up to its fashion and glam reputation lately, what with the 2019 Milan Fashion Week going on.

Top Luxury Safaris in Africa

The great outdoors and the wildlife that lives within it are becoming quite popular with many people around the world.  So much in fact, that most of those people are choosing to spend their vacations going on safaris.  While numerous safaris are basic and not even remotely close to being comfortable, there are a select few that offer all the comforts of home to their guests.

Must–Stay Italian Hotels and Villas

Italy– A place long known for some of my most favorite things: sprawling landscapes, exquisite fashion, and even better wine. During my most recent trip there, I had the opportunity to explore all three. It was an excursion to remember as I made my way from the cobblestone streets of …

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

One of my favorite trips of the year is always Saint-Tropez and this year was exceptionally great. Being a part of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was one of the highlights. The organization’s gala and celebrity charity auction took place July 20th at the Domaine Bertaud Belieu vineyard and the worthy …

Saint-Tropez Luxury Accommodations at Althoff Hôtel Villa Belrose

During my most recent business trip to Saint-Tropez, I was honored to be part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s annual gala and celebrity auction at the Domaine Bertaud Belieu vineyard. The event helped raise funds for the DiCaprio Foundation which researches solutions to restore balance to our earth’s ecosystems. Despite the countless meetings …

On Location: The Best Fashion From The 2016 Cannes Film Festival

Like the Oscars, the Festival de Cannes is first and foremost an opportunity to look at pretty fashion and dresses. At the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, fashion plays as important a role as the films on display. Cannes combines parties, premieres, and glamorous setting, providing the perfect opportunity for stars to …

Join Me For The BAL DE L’ETÉ in Saint-Tropez (Beatnik Edition 21)

The celebration of celebrations that marks the start of the summer social season is Prince Albert’s Bal de l’eté in the French Riviera. Set for June 3 through 5 in Saint-Tropez, this year marks the event’s flower power edition, highlighted by a Beatnik theme. The three-day, invite-only blowout includes a …