Amy Rule Receives Chicago CAC’s Luminary Award

The Union League Club of Chicago was the setting for the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center’s 2nd annual Luminary Award Dinner. The evening honored First Lady of Chicago Amy Rule, who was recognized for her dedicated work on behalf of children who have suffered from sexual abuse. The fundraising event, co-chaired …

White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Obama Shines at his Final White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a night to remember. Barack Obama’s swan song was filled with some of his best gags and jokes. Maybe after he leaves the White House, he’ll consider a comedy tour. The event also helped put a positive note on Obama’s relationship with the …

Fear and Self-Loathing in Las Vegas

Since the GOP took back control of the House of Representatives in 2010, it has been in a state of civil war.

World Economic Forum

Power & Politics: The Enduring Importance of the World Economic Forum

Ever since 1971, Davos in Switzerland has played host to a unique event, one that draws the leading lights in business, economics, politics, and public advocacy together to discuss the major issues facing the world. The World Economic Forum took place this month, and its stellar line-up of guests and speakers reveals how relevant and important this event still is.

One Last Ride Before Iowa Caucuses

With mere days before the Iowa Caucuses, Republican candidates are still vying to position themselves for the fight after the first votes are cast. Some are aiming to win and gain momentum, while others are simply trying to survive to fight on into the primary season.

Election 2016: Farewell to Yet Another Candidate

This week marks the departure of yet another contender for the Republican presidential nomination. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina struggled from the very beginning to gain any traction, rarely polling better than one-percent and being perpetually relegated to the undercard debates.

Election 2016: The Powerlessness of an Independent President

Defying all expectations (including my own), Donald Trump remains the Republican frontrunner as we enter the final stretch to the early primary polls. The smart money still bets he’ll lose in the end, as the weaker candidates are winnowed away and voters in the “undecided” column make their decisions. It is expected that these erstwhile supporters of fallen candidates and so-far undecided voters will break disproportionately against Trump and toward a safer and more conventional candidate.

Election 2016: Executive Experience, Outsiders, and the State of the Race

The Republican Party has always tried to portray itself as the party of managers and executives, the party that knows how to lead and direct government. So it was no surprise when, at the start of the 2016 cycle, many pundits predicted that Republicans, sick of Obama’s apparent failure as a chief executive, would probably plump for a governor.

Election 2016: The Herd is Thinned for the Next Debate

The GOP field, massive and bloated as it is, has been remarkably resilient so far. Only two candidates have dropped out, despite half a dozen contenders lacking much more than 2 percent support. Yet as the next debate rolls around, the herd looks set to be thinned down. The main stage will have just eight candidates, down from eleven, and the junior varsity debate will have just four.

Election 2016: The GOP Has Lost Control

While the Democrats have been running a fairly ordered campaign season (thanks in no small measure an unstoppable frontrunner scaring most challengers off), the Republican race has gone off the rails. It is clear that the Republican National Committee and party grandees no longer have control of their party or their nominating process.