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104th Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The annual dinner celebrating the First Amendment and marking the White House Correspondents Association’s 104th year took place at the Washington Hilton Hotel with all individuals in the political news community closely watching. This significant event originated in the year 1874 with a state dinner honoring David Kalakaua, the last …

Women’s Day 2017: Be Bold For Change

It’s March 8 and in the United States we celebrate the official day selected to represent, honor and pay tribute to all women around the world. Here at I On The Scene we are proud to be founded by an intelligent, empowering and fierce force of a female, Irene Michaels, …

I ON THE OSCARS: All About The 89th Academy Awards

It was back in 1927 that one of Hollywood’s most influential movie-makers, Louis B. Mayer, decided to create a group that would organize in benefit of the film industry. It’s 2017, and tonight we just celebrated the 89th inception of Mayer’s idea known as the Academy Awards. This was one of the most …

The Politics of Fashion – NYFW 2017

This week, I applaud those that chose to use their platform on the runways at New York Fashion Week, which just ended, to share and strut political statements

I On Politics: Inaugurations

After a long, eventful and frequently controversial campaign Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential race on November 8th, securing his position as the 45th President of the United States. The Oval Office officially was passed to Trump and his administration at his inauguration ceremony on January 20th. Inauguration day has …

Obama Shines at his Final White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a night to remember. Barack Obama’s swan song was filled with some of his best gags and jokes. Maybe after he leaves the White House, he’ll consider a comedy tour. The event also helped put a positive note on Obama’s relationship with the …

The Long, Slow Death of the Republican Establishment

The deaths of Nancy Reagan and Antonin Scalia have come to be emblematic of the death of that age-old beast: The Republican Party Establishment. These two figures, deeply embedded in the conservative hierarchy for many decades, were some of the last figures of a bygone era in GOP politics, one …

Nancy Reagan: A Legacy of Style

When the devastating news of the passing of former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, was first announced, political views were cast aside and people joined together in mourning one of America’s most beloved women.

Power & Politics: The Enduring Importance of the World Economic Forum

Ever since 1971, Davos in Switzerland has played host to a unique event, one that draws the leading lights in business, economics, politics, and public advocacy together to discuss the major issues facing the world. The World Economic Forum took place this month, and its stellar line-up of guests and speakers reveals how relevant and important this event still is.

Election 2016: The GOP Has Lost Control

While the Democrats have been running a fairly ordered campaign season (thanks in no small measure an unstoppable frontrunner scaring most challengers off), the Republican race has gone off the rails. It is clear that the Republican National Committee and party grandees no longer have control of their party or their nominating process.