5 Of The Best Anti-Aging Products To Add To Your Hair Arsenal

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Often times, our faces receive the most attention and care when it comes to preventing the wrinkling, spots and sagging that comes with age. We rarely – if ever – consider the fact that our hair can deteriorate with age, too! The lucky ones among us can enjoy full, thick and healthy hair all their lives, but for most men and women, hair loses its elasticity, thickness, and resilience. Luckily, thanks to the tons of anti-aging hair products on the market today, there’s a magic solution. Here are five of the best anti-aging hair products to try this year!

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Intense Oil Creme Pre-Shampoo Treatment

One of the biggest signs of aging hair is a mane that hangs lifelessly. There’s a major lack of volume, which causes most of your styles to appear plain. Thankfully, this pre-poo treatment from Alterna is here to provide your hair with a bit of relief. Intended to be used once a week for the best possible results, this intense treatment plumps up hair from the inside out. As its name suggests, it’s to be used before you wash your hair – the perfect time to add hydration and improve elasticity. With glycerin, shea butter, and potent extracts, your hair will have never looked better.

Anti-Aging ProductsPantene Expert Age Defy Conditioner

Enriched with specially designed silicones to create a barrier around your hair strands, your hair will be protected from the elements as well as any excessive manipulation. Your hair will not only feel softer, but it’ll also look smoother and shinier too! It’ll be just as if you got a makeover. Your secret? A super effective anti-aging conditioner that truly works.

Anti-Aging ProductsDr. Dennis Gross Skincare Anti-Aging Scalp Serum

Overnight creams are commonplace for your face, but have you been neglecting your scalp? A healthy scalp is the foundation of a head of healthy hair, so a serum like the Dennis Gross Anti-Aging Scalp Serum is your best way to ensure that you place the right amount of attention on it. Say goodbye to itching, flaking and dry scalp with this rich serum. Packed with retinol, peptides and alpha-lipoic acid to ensure that it gets the job done, this product is the answer to all of your prayers. With a scalp that creates the best possible environment that’s conducive to progress, healthy hair growth and increased length retention are always within reach.

Anti-Aging ProductsDeveloPlus Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System

Need something that’s a lot more powerful and in-depth to save your hair? This 3-step kit is the key to recovery!

First, the clarifying shampoo removes build-up that you might not be able to see with your own eyes. Then, it’s time for the five-minute reconstructing masque, the star of the show. This mask is filled with proteins to reinforce, thicken and stabilize your hair strands. Your hair will be stronger, break less often and retain more moisture. – a dream for aging hair. Finally, the leave-in conditioner seals all of that goodness in and prepares your hair to face the day. Softness and manageability like you’ve never had before? Check.

Kérastase Densifique Fondant Densité

You’ve heard of filler for your skin and lips, but what about filler for your hair? That’s right – you can achieve the same results without ever having to use any harmful chemicals.  This product plumps out and fills out aging hair that’s fallen victim to thinning. With regular use, you’ll see your hair transformed right before your eyes. Gone will be the days of boring, dull hair that you’ve got to hide under a hat! You’ll want to show your new hair as much as possible. And of course, you’ll love the compliments it gets you.

Anti-aging hair products are all the rage right now, and with good reason. It’s the quickest, easiest way for you to revamp your hair and give it a much-needed boost. With products like these, your hair will be on its way to perfection in no time

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