6 Products That Started the Clean Beauty Revolution

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In the quest for flawless beauty, a lot of people haven’t considered the true contents of the products they put on their skin. For the longest time, products that contained toxic ingredients we didn’t know existed, have been widely used and accepted. Thanks to the constant change in trends and the dynamic beauty industry, “clean beauty” became a buzzword.

Clean beauty specifically describes any beauty/cosmetic products or methods made from ethically sourced and non-toxic ingredients. These products are manufactured with the health of the skin and body in mind.

While it took several decades for clean beauty to become a relevant part of our lives and a watchword, there have been those companies who have always provided clean beauty products. They have been consistent and active practitioners of clean beauty. We look to them as the pioneers of the clean beauty revolution. For those who never knew, here are 6 products that began the clean beauty revolution.

  1. Brightening Facial Oil from Beautycounter

This product goes back a few years and is produced by Beautycounter. It contains wholesome ingredients such as vitamin C, grape seed oil, black currant oil, and much more. This facial oil offers silky, hydrated and glowing skin.

  1. Phyto-Pigments Ultra Natural Mascara from Juice Beauty

Yes, mascara can be clean and that is what this product from Juice Beauty has always offered. It is made with candelilla wax and other natural products that ensure a clump-free experience, and nourishment for your lashes as they are made thicker and darker.


  1. Everything Primer (Matte) from Honest Beauty
Clean Beauty


The company has always stood for producing clean products for its customers. This efficient primer is formulated with natural ingredients such as bamboo powder and rosemary extract.


  1. Resurfacing Mask from Tata Harper
Clean Beauty

Removing dead skin cells ought to be done with natural and enriching products. In contrast to the chemical masks with toxic ingredients, Tata Harper presents this clean product. It removes dead skin cells and gives you radiant skin after a 30-minute routine.


  1. Original Loose Powder Foundation from BareMinerals
Clean Beauty


BareMinerals have provided clean beauty for decades. This product was formulated with only 5 ingredients; iron oxides, mica, zinc oxide, bismuth oxychloride, and titanium dioxide.

  1. Un Cover-up by RMS Beauty


RMS Beauty intended for this clean, lightweight, pot foundation, to be a must-have in your makeup kit. It is made from natural ingredients and designed to come in handy for your makeup needs anytime.

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