Best Places to Travel in December Part 2

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  1. Oman for Tropical Beaches and Something Different


Located on the Arabian Peninsula and home to coastlines that seem to go on forever, Oman is a wonderful place to visit during the month of Best Places to Travel in December. Temperatures at this time of year should be in the mid-seventies, which may not be as warm as some destinations but it’s certainly warm enough to take the chill away from your bones.


If you head to Muscat, you will find an artistic city that is home to a stunningly opera house, wonderful museums and an atmosphere that seems quite different to most other tropical destinations. For example, these tropical surroundings also consist of banana and coconut plantations, which are open to the public for visitation.


That being said Oman is all about the beaches, for these iconic stretches are truly out of this world with their golden sands, crystal clear waters, and tranquil blue skies. If you would like to head to a beach that is less busy than some, head to Al Mughsayl Beach. Featuring almost four and a half miles of golden sands and endless clear water, this is one paradise that you won’t be forgetting any time soon!


  1. New York for a Little Bit of Everything


Travel in December
One of my favorite yearly stops with Suzanne Tripaldi The Plaza in NYC

While New York has particularly cold weather, this is such a magical destination to visit during the month of December. In other words, for people who enjoy the rush and over-exuberance of Christmas, the atmosphere in New York is a breath of fresh air.


In fact, you will find stores with enigmatic decorations and often over-the-top Christmas displays at every turn. Meanwhile, gigantic Christmas trees seem to spring up on every corner and as already mentioned, the festive cheers are even obvious in the faces you encounter.


Aside from this atmosphere and the Christmas cheer, New York is also famous for landmarks and attractions. After all, New York is also one of the most interesting cities in the world with endless things to do. Whether you venture up the Empire State Building or take a stroll in Central Park, the views are splendid and never fail to delight visitors. Museums and galleries are common but taking a trip to a show on Broadway is a quintessential thing to do in the city.

Travel in December

At the same time, there is really no end to these attractions and the question for visitors is often in terms of what they can afford to miss out on; rather than what they want to see.


As you can see, Budapest, Auckland, Phuket, Oman, and New York all offer something different. From the markets in Budapest and the warm weather of Phuket to the vibrant atmosphere and Christmas cheer in New York; these are fantastic experiences and just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can expect from the best places to travel in December.



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