The Importance of Germany in The Skin Care Industry

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A lot of people know little about the significance of Germany to skincare worldwide. It may surprise you to know that Germany owns most brands that we are so familiar with our daily lives. Germany’s skincare industry is well-invested in areas like anti-aging, body crèmes and lotions, hyper-pigmentation control, anti-acne, anti-cellulite, and facial moisturizer.

Germany has not only provided several famous brands we know and love, but they have also been practitioners of clean beauty. The German skincare brands are marked by organic, cruelty-free, and healthy products.

Germany is widely recognized for its German orderliness, engineering abilities, and attention to detail. These qualities have ensured that they provide top skincare products for the longest time. It also accounts for the affordability of products worldwide.

To relieve your confusion and anticipation, here are some German skincare brands and cosmetic products you know and love, but probably never knew they were German. The relevance of these products to the skincare industry and our lives proves the unrecognized importance of Germany in the global beauty care.

  1. Nivea
Germany’s skincare industry

This one’s probably a big shocker to many but Nivea has always been a German brand. It was founded in 1911 by Isaac Lifschutz, a chemist, and Oscar Troplowitz, a pharmacist. The brand contains hundreds of products that continue to excite consumers each day.


  1. Dr. Hauschka
Germany’s skincare industry

This is a celebrity favorite and is quite famous amongst the Hollywood stars. Dr. Hauschka is an extremely successful German brand known for its luxury bath and skincare products. The full range of Dr. Hauschka products is formulated with natural, organic, and biodynamic ingredients.


  1. Dr. Barbara Sturm

If you know your anti-aging and regeneration products, then you must know Dr. Barbara Sturm. She is a German molecular cosmetic scientist, popular for her groundbreaking, effective products, and non-surgical treatment. Dr. Sturm’s Sun Drops is one of the most popular products from this brand.


  1. Less
Skin Care Industry


Less is proudly a German brand. Its primary focus is to provide fewer skincare products that can do much more than a majority. Less offers only 3 skincare products with distinct functions- A skin cleansing product, treatment for dry skin, and treatment for oily skin.


Each of these products was formulated with only 5 ingredients. Less stays true to its German nature to provide wholesome, natural, and effective products for a gentle skin care routine.

Other German brands include:

  • Royal Fern
  • Weleda
  • Klapp
  • Balea


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