Be A Phyter With Chef David Choi, Jr.

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Health and nutrition are interrelated aspects of our lives. Good health is achieved through proper nutrition and is a norm people have to adapt to in their daily lives and/or every time they need nutrients to replenish their health. Because of this, creating awareness and training different interest groups on these needs is of paramount importance. It’s also important to note that nutritional needs in our diet can be narrowed down to plant-based options. For this reason, Chef David Choi Jr., along with co-founders Gloria Athanis and Jeff Adeszko started Phyter.


Being a vegetarian all his life, Chef Choi has brought a new twist to the way plant-based foods are made familiar to consumers. Chef Choi’s enthusiasm has enabled him to attain recognition from research centers to spearhead the operation of the company’s kitchen and food outlets. Working with foods and flavors that people are familiar with has been a welcome challenge for Chef Choi.

Although bringing products from farm to table has always been a challenge due to spoilage, the founders of Phyter have been able to process their products with natural ingredients and without the use of additives. This ensures nutrient retention and the most delicious taste. With every bite of a Phyter bar, you get the proper nutrients to keep you healthy the entire day.

Chef David Choi Jr

Unfortunately, most diseases people are suffering today have been a result of the type of food that people consume. Plant-based nutrition, commonly referred to as phytonutrition, is gaining momentum as more studies prove that plant-based diets can help prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths.

Chef David Choi Jr

Plant-based nutrition continues to be a growing movement, especially when people realize the importance of eating healthy food and acquiring good health for their families, friends, and the community. As Hippocrates said, let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food. This has been the slogan that Chef David Choi, Jr. has been using, and continues to use to spearhead his health and nutrition course.

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