Makeup Essentials: Beauty Products Always in My Makeup Bag

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Almost every woman is guilty of hoarding beauty products. Your makeup bag is probably overflowing with a bunch of stuff you do not need and this doesn’t stop you from buying more either. Every now and then, I get tired of the time wasted searching for the mascara or favorite lipstick in my makeup bag. So, I performed a clean out.

When you do something like this, you discover that the essential items you need are quite a few. All you have to do is think about what you require to achieve your go-to everyday look.

Here are the beauty products always in my makeup bag. They are also the essential products every woman must own to keep it together each day.



This item is more than essential to a lady’s life. Almost everything else begins and ends with having a good moisturizer to pamper the skin. A moisturizer keeps the fine lines and wrinkles at bay and eliminates dryness. I use products that allow my makeup to sit better and also help to balance the skin’s oil production. If you often experience dry skin, there are heavy moisturizers suited for your skin type. However, if you do not have a condition of dry skin, getting a lightweight moisturizer to keep your glow on is best.

MAC Lipsticks

What is a makeup bag without lipsticks? It gets worse when none is a MAC product. I have used some amazing lipsticks but I always keep MAC products as my go-to. For me, they are perfect for any look you want with the lips. The colors are rich and they offer a great quality I find uncommon.

Nail File

I don’t know about you but a nail file comes in handy when there are untidy nails to tackle. I sometimes find it useful for beauty tricks as well, so it stays in my makeup bag always.

Christian Dior Foundation

Christian Dior products need no introduction. I have used a Christian Dior foundation for the longest time. This beuaty product guarantees smooth finishes, a light application, and great staying power. I love the sophisticated results it gives with makeup.

Lip Balm

You need a lip balm for all seasons especially winter. I keep them close by to maintain soft plump lips even when I have no makeup on. The trick to this beauty product is to buy a quality lip balm. Most ladies are tempted to purchase only the cheapest lip balms because they do not recognize its importance. Try something new and make it a must-have.

For the Eyes- Mascara, Eyebrow pencil, and Eye Liners

The eyes are the highlight of any look. They help to blend everything together. I ensure I can always make the eyes pop with these three items in my makeup bag.

Makeup Remover

There are many times when a makeup remover can save your life. It comes in handy to correct makeup flaws or wipe the whole thing off entirely. Find a product that works with your skin and helps to clear out the pores.


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