The Royal Ascot Experience 2019

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Horse racing is a unique and popular sport across the world. It is often synonymous with royalty and glamour. The Royal Ascot Experience 2019 is one of the most anticipated and respected of its kind worldwide. If you have a keen interest in the sartorial elegance, thrilling races, and fine horses that are associated with the Royal Ascot, then you must be in wait for this year’s event.

Royal Ascot usually runs from a Tuesday to a Saturday and it remains the same way this year. The race meeting begins on Tuesday the 18th of June and ends on Saturday the 22nd of June 2019. The venue is Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire.

What to expect from The Royal Ascot 


The British royal family at Ascot, Horses, Horse Racing
The British royal family at Ascot:

Every race meeting is the best place to get a close look at the royals, especially the Queen. Her Majesty is well known for her love of horses and races. She is the owner and breeder of several word-class racehorses who have won the Royal Ascot countless times. Each day of the Royal Ascot begins with a procession of the Queen and other royal family members.

The Queen arrives for second day of Royal Ascot with Prince Charles and Camilla, The British royal family at Ascot, Horses, Horse Racing
The Queen arrives for the second day of Royal Ascot 2018 with Prince Charles and Camilla


Did the mention of horses make you believe this would not be a fashionable event? The Royal Ascot is characterized by high fashion, colorful clothing, and fine dining. There is a dress code which depends on the enclosure you stay in, but the display of creativity, sophistication, and elegance is a dominant factor. Jeans, strapless dresses, off-shoulder or spaghetti strap dresses are generally not accepted in the Royal Ascot. Hats, fascinators, and other headpieces are required. Get ready to dress in high-class fashion.

Royal Ascot Fashion 2018: Best outfits from the races including Princess Beatrice, The Queen and Kate Garraway | HELLO!
Royal Ascot Fashion 2018: Best outfits from the races including Princess Beatrice, The Queen, and Kate Garraway | HELLO!


The enclosures are segregated areas where one can sit, dine, and socialize as the events go on each day. The Royal Ascot has four enclosures which are the Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure, Windsor Enclosure, and the Village Enclosure.

The Royal Enclosure is for members of the royal family. Its membership is determined by invitation only. Membership to other enclosures can be bought. Aside from defining the dress code, enclosures differ in views, dining restaurants, and more. There are perks associated with each enclosure. For example, at the Windsor enclosure, members (racegoers) are allowed to take a picnic outside.


Food, Drinks, and Hospitality

Nothing less can be expected from a royal event. The Royal Ascot is highly formal and offers the best service of food and drinks. You can bask in the euphoria of numerous fine restaurants, flexible eating arrangement, diverse menus, sparkling wine, Michelin starred chefs and more. What is a great event without excellent food and drinks?

The hospitality of the Royal Ascot is also second to none. It’s easy to stick to your budget and taste. Go prepared to enjoy every bit of the Royal Ascot experience.

Food, Drinks, and Hospitality
Food, Drinks, and Hospitality



The event is almost here are tickets are on sale. They tend to sell out quickly so now is the best time to get yours. Like all race meetings before it, this year’s Royal Ascot promises to be a week well spent.




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