Best-Selling Scents From Nest Fragrances

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Best Selling Fragrances From Nest – everybody loves smelling good, but there’s just something about having a signature scent that sets you apart from the crowd. Laura Slatkin’s Nest Fragrances is a collection of scents designed for a scent-filled living space or luxurious person. The range of diffusers, perfume oils, and candles gives you enough options to select a scent that is uniquely yours.

So how do you know which of the many amazing fragrances by Nest to go for? We’ve got you covered. Today, we will look at some of the bestsellers, so grab your cup of jasmine tea and some buttermilk cookies and follow along!

NEST Grapefruit Wall Diffuser Set

This highly rated Grapefruit Wall Diffuser set gives off a zestful aura that is hard to beat. Radiating a distinct Citrus fragrance with essences of coriander blossom, lily of the valley, pink pomelo grapefruit, and watery green notes mixed in, this selection is an absolute winner!

NEST Midnight Fleur

Midnight Fleur by NEST is perfect for celebrating the exquisite sensuality of womanhood. With floral notes of jasmine, patchouli, vanilla orchid, and black amber, this Eau de Parfum is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with every spritz – whether in broad daylight or mysterious nighttime!

NEST Puma Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser Set

Usher in the festive season and evoke memories of Christmas pudding and home-baked muffins with this diffuser set that combines ultrasonic technology with two of NEST’s holiday signature fragrances – Holiday and Birchwood Pine to give you a delightful, memorable experience every single time!

NEST Seville Orange Perfume Oil

Uplift your mood with the invigorating fragrance of NEST’s Seville Orange Perfume Oil. Infused with distinctive mandarin, pink grapefruit, and orange zest notes, this perfume oil with undertones of cedarwood, enriched with neroli and baobab oil is designed to leave you feeling cool and delighted all-day long!

NEST Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser

Experience the rich scents of Morocco from the comfort of your home with NEST’s Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser. Imbued with notes of black leather and smoky incense, this classical and luxurious scent will leave your home smelling like an exotic fragrance from an Arabian Night tale!

NEST Madagascar Vanilla Perfume Oil Rollerball

Created from hand-picked Madagascar vanilla and enhanced with baobab oil for healthy skin, this mild and flavorful perfume oil from NEST is mixed with coconut oil and conveniently encased in a glass tube to give you a delicate yet long-lasting scent suitable for any kind of weather, whenever you want it.

Whether you’re looking for a bold woody scent or a delicate floral fragrance or a blend of mild and exotic aromas, NEST has something for every one of your preferences!

With a collection of over 25 fragrances, choosing a signature scent that is uniquely YOU has never been this easy!

And the best part of it all? If you’re not sure of which fragrance to choose, you can have fun trying them all out and bask in the luxurious feeling of knowing you will always stand out for smelling good!


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