Chef Matthew Kenney: Crafting the Future of Food!

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Every day we observe how the world evolves, trends and currents achieve influence in different ways to the human being, who is always in search of a better lifestyle, healthier habits and the conservation of their health and well-being.

All these changes can be made in different ways, an example of this is to be in tune with your body, rethinking the consumption of food, to achieve being in tune with nature.

Veganism became a great influence.

Matthew Kenney

For many years, veganism has become a healthy lifestyle for millions and millions of people, including people who are influential in various fields. Veganism has taken so much force that today we can clearly see its presence in every corner, so much so that even many of the most famous chefs on earth have turned to this movement, for example, Matthew Kenney.

A great exponent of gastronomy, Matthew Kenney.

Matthew Kenney is one of the most important and influential chefs in the world, who in the beginning led a life with quite typical customs that included, of course, the consumption of animal proteins.

Although he was not originally a vegan, Matthew tried different diets to improve his health, since he used to do physical activities regularly, the well-being of his body was always an important part of his day today.

He went from studying law to the world of cooking.

Matthew would enter law school, but before he made the decision to investigate another way, he discovered the love he felt for food and restaurants, not knowing that this passion would make him one of the most recognized chefs in the world and one of the maximum exponents of vegan food.

All this passion led him to open some restaurants with the influence of Mediterranean food and other dishes that he considers “heavy”. Just as I was curious about cooking, I also had it to try different dishes in different restaurants.

Although Matthew still did not consider himself to be a vegan, his practices, such as yoga, invited him to think of this as a possibility not too far away, since he was always deeply interested in taking care of his health.

Matthew Kenney
Matthew Kenney

He is a recognized and acclaimed vegan chef.

One night Matthew was in a restaurant with some friends and was surprised to see how an evening eating vegetarian dishes managed to illuminate all his senses, he felt a complete connection with the planet and with nature.

Although he already had the fame and success of the creation of his dozen restaurants where they served animal proteins, the acclaimed chef took an important turn in his career by converting to veganism and offering this option to all his guests.

Nowadays he has expanded her work to different areas, has cooking schools through which he imparts his knowledge and also encourages everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle.

He became a great exponent of veganism, a chef equally recognized in all facets of his life and work.

Matthew Kenney


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