History of the Monaco Grand Prix

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Surely you have heard an ad or person who mentioned the Monaco Grand Prix, this race represents one of the favorite sports of many people around the world.

Many have information about the story and how it developed but most are unaware that the origin was so fortuitous that it could even be considered accidental in some cases.

What is the Monaco Grand Prix?

Basically, it is an automobile competition where a circuit must be completed, delimited within the principality of Monaco, this race already has almost more than 90 editions, making it one of the most acclaimed, famous and prestigious prizes of the franchise of Formula 1.

In this competition only speed car drivers participate and must complete a certain number of laps on the track that was predestined for this purpose, there are 78 in total. It is considered a fairly risky circuit because it contains fairly closed curves that must be traveled at a huge speed.

Monaco Grand Prix

Origin of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Prior to the creation of this award, Anthony Noghès had already founded the Monte Carlo Rally, members of the Association of recognized automobiles did not want this to be part of the team, since its creation did not meet the necessary requirements so that it could enter, one of the requirements classified the Rally as a European competition and not a Monegasque one.

This led Noghès to develop almost instantaneously the idea of a competition that would meet the demands of the association, and this idea became the Monaco Grand Prix. For that moment he devoted himself completely to drawing the circuit since this would be a fundamental part of the competition, and for this, he requested the help of expert pilots in the field.

Monaco Grand Prix

Today, the variations that have been made to the original track design are practically imperceptible, and even, in honor of its creator, one of its curves, the 19 bears his name.

The first competition took place in April 1929, where champion William Grover, the drivers did not imagine the level of difficulty that this competition could have for them until you see that only 6 of them (in total were 17 competitors), they managed to complete the circuit and reach the finish line.

Monaco Grand Prix

The fame of this championship was increasing year after year, and increasingly, the manufacturers and drivers demanded much of themselves to consecrate themselves as champions of this already famous automotive competition.

Great champions of the competition.

Since this competition took place, thousands and thousands of competitors have sought to obtain the highest award, few have achieved it, but there are some people who have had the privilege of raising the prize more than once, for example, Ayrton Senna who crossed the finish line 6 times as champion; also Graham Hill who is positioned as second in the list for raising the grand prize 5 times, in the same position is Michael Schumacher; the last member who has repeated as champion in 4 opportunities is Alain Prost.

Monaco Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix
A motorsport icon. The circuit every driver dreams of winning
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