Country Music Awards

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Country Music Awards was a big year in country music, and it all came alive at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas. Country award shows are special to me because of their easy style. Unlike many of the awards shows, this one is so approachable, friendly and fun. At any given moment you can be standing in the hallway and along comes Tim McGraw and his wife Faith laughing, telling jokes and fixing each other’s apparel. The next moment The Band Perry walks by, hugging and kissing everyone and eating strawberries.

Highlighting the event were Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire who hosted this sparkling Dick Clark production which kicked off with an electric performance by Carrie Underwood doing her latest hit single “Good Girl” at the Country Music Awards.

It is one of the most interesting awards shows in the business because of its casualness of the entire cast and crew. No one is a star and everyone is a star. The friendly atmosphere is inviting to just go up and talk to any of the performers like they were your next-door neighbor, and that’s how they treat you as well; so open and welcoming. I got a kick out of how many of the men and staff backstage were sitting on couches as if they were in their own living room watching the basketball games. It’s like one big cocktail party where friends are gathering to celebrate life; in this case, it’s music.

At the end of the evening, it was Taylor Swift garnering the prized “Entertainer of the Year Award”, while Blake Shelton was awarded “Top Male Vocalist”.

With all this outstanding talent being showcased at the Country Music Awards in the gambling mecca of the U.S., it looks like the ACM hit the jackpot this year!

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Irene Michaels

The second show on Monday night was an added bonus for the weekend.

Lionel Richie and Friends in Concert at the Country Music Awards

The show spotlighted duets from Richie’s country album “Tuskeegee” with several talented guests including Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Rogers, only to mention a few. The all-star concert was taped at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and featured duets and solo performances of some of Richie’s greatest hits. The show will be aired on CBS on April 13th, and the proceeds from the show will benefit ACM Lifting Lives, the branch of the Academy that enables live through the power of music at the Country Music Awards.


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