Matt Lamb Masterpieces Showcased

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Matt Lamb, an internationally recognized artist in generous collaboration with Mr. Juan Javier Bofill presented to the city of Chicago, The Museum of Private Collections featuring the Work of Dali and Lamb. Over 600 pieces by famed Spanish artist Salvador Dali and paintings, sculptures, and tapestries by contemporary Irish-American artist Matt Lamb were on view.

Throughout this exciting week, many dignitaries from all around the world showed up for this inspiring event. Also, members of the Royal families of Spain and Monaco, as well as some of the Dali and Picasso families were present. There is no doubt that this was one of Chicago’s most unique inaugural events of the year.

It started on Monday, with a whole week of activities ranging from a trip to Lamb’s historic farm in Burlington, Wisconsin where there was a family-style barbecue and then everyone joined in the painting of his “Umbrellas For Peace”.

The next day on Tuesday, over 400 people gathered in front of Navy Pier to participate in the Lamb Umbrellas For Peace Parade. Adults and children were on hand to support the parade and walk down the street with umbrellas as Matt Lamb rode in a rickshaw to the museum where a casual lunch was served.

Wednesday started with a tour of Matt Lamb’s Chicago Studio and then off to a cocktail party at the museum where Sheila Lamb delivered a welcome speech to all the dignitaries that came, with a dinner and dancing to follow. Sheila Lamb is the Executive Director of the Museum and strives for perfection. Entertainment was provided by The Cerqua Rivera Dancers.

Thursday, the grand finale. An extravagant celebration took place in the lower level of the museum. This was also the first time in the U.S. that Matt Lamb introduced his new line of casual wear designed by Jordi Armengol, from Cooked in Barcelona. An informal fashion show was on display to showcase the new designs. During the evening’s festivities, Matt was presented with a certificate from the University of Bradford in England signifying his acceptance as an Honorary Research Fellow in Peace Studies at the university. A grand moment to watch.

Thank you for bringing this most inspiring and passionate art to Chicago!

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