Forgotten Dogs Foundation: AN UNFORGETTABLE MISSION

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The Forgotten Dogs Foundation (FDF) works tirelessly to locate safe havens for dogs and ensures that ALL monies raised go directly to save dogs and improve their welfare. They have made it their mission to put an end to mistreatment and raise money to support highly vetted no-kill dog organizations.

It’s certainly no surprise that Irene Michaels has been a loyal and generous supporter of organizations that seek to protect animals, including those of the equine and K9 varieties. Most in Chicago are familiar with “PAWS”. They have received mass media attention, and rightfully so. There are many other organizations that focus on the welfare of our animal brethren. The FDF is one such organization.

The founder and main architect of the Forgotten Dogs Foundation is Anthony Hudson. You may know Anthony for his managerial roles in the world of soccer. Following his impressive career as a player and rising the ranks to head leadership roles with New Zealand and Bahrain senior National Teams, he landed in Colorado as the manager of the Colorado Rapids in Major League Soccer. In January 2020, Anthony was appointed head coach of the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team. We are fortunate his career journey has landed him in our amazing city. Relatively new to the Chicago scene, Hudson has been working tirelessly to propel his vision for the Foundation and garner increasing and continued support.

Forgotten Dogs Foundation

Anthony is a big dog lover. He and his two Rhodesian ridgebacks have been all around the world traveling for his job, and the issue that Anthony found most evident, and distressing was the overpopulation of dogs. As of 2020, in the US alone, approximately 670,000 dogs are killed in shelters each year, that’s a staggering 1800 dogs a day. Seeing dogs crowded in metal cages, afraid, shaking, neglected, and abused with no voice and no one to fight for them motivated him to find a way to change this heartbreaking reality. The mission of The Forgotten Dogs Foundation follows a two-part strategy to help end pet overpopulation. First, they support highly vetted shelters, programs, and initiatives that are doing amazing work and focused on a no-kill model, high-save rate, high-placement rate and need extra support and extra resources. The second is through education focused on prevention, the importance of spaying and neutering, and the overall welfare and treatment of animals to provide them a better life.

Forgotten Dogs Foundation

Through Anthony’s work in sports and a board consisting of successful business professionals, the foundation is tapping into both areas to not only raise money, but also awareness, and fostering education on prevention and adoption. All the donations they have received thus far are making a huge difference. One peek at Forgotten Dogs Foundation’s Facebook page, which they regularly update with news and inspiring stories, and you can see the many organizations that have been helped and learn more about partners that are finding dogs forever homes through donations. And, this is just the beginning! If you would like to learn more about the Forgotten Dogs Foundation, and upcoming events, or find out ways to support the cause, we encourage you to visit them online at They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and we hope you take a moment and remember that we too need to be a dog’s best friend. Anthony has made it his mission to make sure that message will never be forgotten.

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