Winter VS Summer: Exploring Two Sides of a Fabulously French Holiday

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Most holidays, France is the hub of tourists and vacationers. This small country offers so much that you can’t help but fall in love with it on any day. France is widely recognized for its classical art museums, architectural styles, breathtaking-landscapes, fashion houses, wines and sophisticated cuisines, theatres, and rich history. Let’s not forget that France- especially Paris the capital- is one of the most romantic places in the world.

Surrounded by so much scenic beauty, peace, and good food, falling in love is almost natural.

France is the place to spend your luxury holiday, with no worries and much to explore.

There is a personal argument most people have about what time of the year is more perfect to visit France. Some believe that winter in France with the rain and snow is the best time for a luxurious French holiday. Others say that summer with no heat, intriguing wildlife, and large crowds is the best time to visit.

We believe that anytime is just right for that satisfying French holiday, but to be fair, here is a detailed exploration of both sides.

Winter for a luxurious French holiday!

A French winter is characterized by northern winds, cold weather, rain, and snow. It occurs just in time for the Christmas and New Year Holidays.  Everything in France during these holidays will be themed for the celebrations with lots of lights, food, and activities. France is cheaper in the winter; from cheaper airfare, to lower hotel rates and much more. It is also the prime season for skiing. You would enjoy glamorous places like Courchevel 1850 which is the epitome of luxury for skiers and skateboarders.

French Holiday
Val d’Isere at night.

Also, the famous Val D ’ Isere who promises fresh snow with every visit.

Summer for a luxurious French Holiday!

What’s not to love about summer? It is the season for fishing, wine festivals, music, and the highest number of tourists. From June to August, the French Summer pleases everyone. Summer offers blissful warmth, delightful gardens with beautiful flowers to thrill your loved one, fun beaches, and fresh food. It is the definition of a luxurious experience as the weather just pushes you to lay back and enjoy the moments. Of course, with the heightened tourist activity costs goes up but it has never mattered to those who come to explore.

French Holiday
Aix- en- Provence

You would be thrilled by places such as Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins, Aix- en- Provence, and Bonifacio.

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