Inside the First ‘Luxe Lifestyle Wellness Resort’ in Grenada

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The Point at Petite Calvigny is the first luxury lifestyle wellness resort in Grenada. It is owned by Chris Ashby. We take a look at what’s to look forward to and discover by October 1st, 2020 when the resort opens.


The new ultra-luxury resort comprises of three villas and 12 suites all on an 11-acre estate on the south coast of Grenada. It doesn’t disappoint in its basic offerings which include a privately accessed secluded beach, five swimming pools, a beach bar and restaurant, the modern gym and wellness center, a Petite spa, and a private marina.

The Point at Petite Calivigny Grenada

When it comes to design and appeal, the property’s owner, Chris Ashby made it a point to design the interior of the luxury resort through inspiration from his extensive travel experience. Chris aimed to create a sanctuary that gives you the exhilarating feel of leaving the outside world behind. The resort displays the raw natural beauty of Grenada and takes full advantage of its stunning views. The design is a contemporary West Indian style. Each room is spacious and maximizes natural light.


One look at the exceptional facilities easily brings to mind the word ambiance. As the first luxury wellness resort in Grenada, Chris Ashby was specific about setting a high bar for visitor’s experience. The orientation was based on recommendations from a Feng Shui consultant. The consultant advised getting uninterrupted views of the waters of Benji Bay and other captivating sights. Hence, the need to set the building with the water in front and mountains in the background.

The Point at Petite Calivigny Grenada

The developers and designers have also taken it into account to provide the highest eco-friendly standards without compromising comfort or luxurious offerings. Some of the eco-friendly materials involved in the development of the resort include vegan toiletries, local products made from local ingredients, UV filters on windows and doors, and rainwater harvesting for drinking water.


As thoughtful attention to detail, all the accommodations in the Point at Petite Calvigny are named after crystals. For example, Blue Lace and Citrine.


Suites are fully equipped with relaxing spacious bedrooms, luxurious and soothing bathrooms, a kitchen, private pools, and decks with grilling stations. Other available facilities targeted at a heightened state of comfort and relaxation are smart TVs, blackout curtains, insulated walls to block or reduce noise, and more.


“The Point is the first luxury resort in Grenada that is totally focused on wellness,” Ashby says. “We offer discerning travelers the perfect combination of luxury accommodation in a peaceful setting with the ability to design their stay exactly as they wish. I am proud to say that The Point is owned by a Grenadian, was built by Grenadians, and is staffed by Grenadians.”

You can add this new location to your bucket list for the last few months of the year.

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