Hair Color: Our Top Tips

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Hair coloring can be a tough process regardless of if you do it at home or in the hair salon. From the time needed to cost and products that don’t turn out as promised, a lot of mistakes can be made. This can affect your overall hair health and not to mention the results you get from the hair coloring process.

The secret to the successful coloring of hair lies in the little things only experts know. So, to help you rock your colored hair in style and avoid all the pitfalls, here are top tips for hair coloring from the experts.

  • Forget the lady on the box

It’s amazing how we all make this mistake. The model on the box is there to get you to buy the product and that beautiful shade she has on might not be the shade you get after using that dye. In fact, hair colorists say that the colors are always lighter than what you see on the package.

Top Tips For Hair Coloring
  • Don’t dye all the way up

Protect your ends and do not put the dye on them. Applying the hair color all the way to your ends can make them look heavy and inky.


  • Permanent or semi-permanent

Make a choice but choose wisely. If you opt for permanent hair color, pick a shade darker than what you really want. The reason is, the developer in permanent dyes will lighten your hair. If you opt for semi-permanent dyes pick a lighter shade than what you really want. This is equally because the longer it stays on, the darker the hair color becomes. These small adjustments help you get exactly what you are aiming for.

Hair Coloring
  • The way you do it matters

You might think all it takes to dye your hair is to slather on the color however you like, but that is a recipe for disaster. Hair color must be done in sections to avoid patchiness. First, section your hair vertically through the center of your forehead to the nape of your neck. Then do the same horizontally from one ear to the other. Tie up each section. Work from the back to the front to give the dye at the back of your hair enough time to set in. This makes the back darker just like your natural hair and gives you a natural look.


  • Use conditioner

When you have colored hair, a conditioner becomes important to your beauty tools.  First, during your root touch-ups, you can prevent your ends from getting stained by applying conditioner on them before washing.


Also, conditioning your hair after coloring helps to keep it moisturized and close the hair cuticles opened up by the dye. Hence, your shade won’t go darker and you can enjoy your colored hair as much as you like.

Top Tips For Hair Coloring
  • Tool up

Don’t minimize the proper tools needed to dye your hair. Use a toothbrush for highlights, use two mirrors and quality dye. If you are going to the hair salon to get this done by a stylist, ensure they are expert colorists.

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