Here’s How to Make Your Scent Stand Out: Layering!

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Make Your Scent Stand Out: Layering! You know you’re ready to take on the world when you know you smell amazing. Fragrance is something very few people can do without and it also kills your confidence when the scent fades halfway through your day.

So what is the answer to scent that not only lingers but also stands out? Layering.

This fragrance hack isn’t what you think it is – applying scents on each other.

It’s more like a wholesome approach to how you smell. Layering starts from the moment the shower gel hits your skin to the lotion, anything in-between, and finally your perfume.

So if you have a bath every day, you’re already on your way to layering with perfection.


Learn the rules that apply

The first step to making your scent stand out with layering is to learn the rules of this hack. We’ve gathered them below.

  • Heavier scents come first. It’s a rule of thumb to spray or apply the heavier scents first so they don’t overpower the lighter ones.
  • Don’t mix two heavy scents. Doing this might leave you with a really confusing scent and poor results in lifespan.
  • Know fragrance families. For example, if a scent is floral, citrusy, or woody, match it with products that have similar scents.
  • There’s room to experiment. Before you decide on a signature scent developed via layering, you can experiment by mixing different perfumes. For example, try mixing a heavy woody perfume with a light vanilla-based perfume or an oriental-based perfume and finish it with a rose scent.
  • If you want scents that last longer, try dabbing almond oil on your skin, then layer those preferred fragrances on top of it.

Perfume families that work well together

Yes, you might not be a perfume pairing expert, but we’ve got some pairings you can try on your way to layering.

  • Oriental and fruity scents. Oriental scents refer to spices and woods. Good examples are vanilla, cinnamon, or aromatic scents. Fruity scents to pair with include peach or raspberry scents.
  • Floral and woody scents. Not the same as oriental and fruity above. Floral scents have the fragrance of flowers like rose and woody scents include pine, sandalwood. It’s perfect to get a whiff of the outdoors.
  • Fruity and floral. You can already tell this is a good combo. The scent of fruits mixed with the fragrance of flowers can be magical.
  • Citrus and woody. Orange, lemon, grapefruit, and other citrus scents can be subtle yet unique when paired with woody counterparts.
  • Floral and oriental scents. This pair brings about feelings of warmth and comfort.

Layering your scents

Your morning routine already has you on a good path. So make sure your shower gel and lotions match your perfume’s fragrance family.

Next spritz on your strongest first perfume, followed by the lighter one. When applying your scents, apply them to specific points along the body. Points like inside of the wrists, behind the ears and knees, and along the chest.


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