Horse Safari in Africa

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In this article, you will get vital information you need before embarking on a Horse Safari in Africa.

Do you want a unique vacation experience with a splash of exhilarating wild adventures in the open? Or is camping in the woods or across the desert might be something you want to try? One of such unique experiences is a horse safari in Africa. It promises a thrilling and relaxing vacation outside city life.

Top 10 Secret Tips 

  1. Pack handy essentials

Going on a horse ride in a strange land can be overwhelming. You must be well-prepared for it.

The essentials you need include binoculars to see far ahead or behind. You need comfortable covered shoes to protect your feet for the long ride.

You also have to throw an insect repellent in your bag for easy carriage and to prevent bites and skin reaction to a new environment. Wearing neutral clothes is important to keep you comfortable and not attract wild animals.

  1. Toiletries 

During your forage into the wild, you won’t be getting a luxurious hot tub with mirrored baths and a toilet.

Your travel Safari agents will lay out your comfort options, which will most likely include a makeshift toilet and bathroom, or private outdoor showers as the simple luxuries you’ll get.

Part of the new experience is to be one with nature, and that might include taking baths with the galaxies looking down on you. Ensure you pack necessary toiletries such as toilet papers, bathing soap, disinfectant, and nylon bags, and gloves.

  1. Food

What is a vacation without food? The Company you travel with will have you covered. You will be asked about your food preferences and allergies to enable them to cater to your specific needs during the safari trip.

You will be well taken care of throughout the trip. Plus get to experience contemporary dishes with local produce and flavors.

  1. Medical Aid

Journeying into unknown terrains comes with a lot of risks. However, the company has travel guides and assistant guides who know the terrains. These guides have vast experience dealing with the wilds and unexpected situations.

In the course of a fall or a sudden sickness or mishap, the travel guide is skilled in administering first aid. In case of serious injury such as a fall while horse-riding or illness, there is always an emergency evacuation vehicle or flight on standby.

You will also be required to take some vaccinations and examinations before getting vacation approval.

  1. Place and Time

Africa has a lot of beautiful raw landscapes and lands. Horse Safari in Africa almost feels magical and incomparable to wildlife experiences on other continents. The entire journey might seem long, especially because of the climate. However, plunging into the horse safari adventure will give you a memorable experience you’ll want to try again.

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