I On Beauty: Living Beautifully and Luxuriously Beyond 50

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Who wouldn’t want to live beautifully and luxuriously beyond 50? Unfortunately, most of us struggle to do so for several reasons, and Irene Michaels has delivered on a solution that can help, in I On Beauty.

Irene Michaels started her entertainment career at a young age. From childhood to adulthood Irene continued to excel in various fields, including dancing, acting, modeling, entrepreneurship, and beauty, and lifestyle. She is the founder of the signature anti-aging skincare brand, I On Youth Collection™ by Irene Michaels.

As someone who spent a lifetime in entertainment, Irene had to make sure her skin glowed every time. This sparked her curiosity in skincare and birthed the brand as Irene discovered the solutions that worked.

In her internationally bestselling book, I On Beauty: Living Beautifully and Luxuriously Beyond 50, Irene shows readers beauty secrets that work to keep your skin radiant and youthful even over 50.

You can agree that once over 50 most of us struggle with keeping wrinkles at bay, glowing as we should, and living with immense joy.

If you’re worried about it enough, then maybe you can say you’ve tried every trick in the beauty world too.

This is what makes I On Beauty: Living Beautifully and Luxuriously Beyond 50 so important. Irene Michaels has experimented with everything and taken it a step further by developing the right solutions from her discoveries.

“Through my experience in the field of anti-aging medicine, I have discovered that people will do almost anything to appear younger than they really are. Ridiculous gimmicks found behind click-bait ads and infomercials are par for the course, but the solution doesn’t have to be so complex. The first steps to maintaining glorious skin as the years add up are debunking the common myths surrounding aging, something that this book does extraordinary well.” explained Dr. Robert A. Goldman, MD, DO, Ph.D., FAASP Co-Founder/Chairman-A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in the foreword of the book.

“Blending traditional methods with modern twists, Irene has created an encyclopedia for beauty after 50.”

Readers already describe the book as timeless, fun to read, and packed with lessons that go beyond beauty tips.

Irene teaches that perfection is a myth, but being your authentic self is everything. In putting this amazing book together, Irene left no stone unturned.

You can expect in-depth information on anti-aging secrets and tips, skincare tips/ habits, the best foods for living beautifully and luxuriously after 50, DIYs, hair care, makeup, life in & after COVID-19, and much more.

The book features several endorsements from beauty experts, entertainers, and friends including names like Jill St. John, Actress, Cookbook Author & Food Columnist; Christie Hefner, Chairman, Hatch Beauty Brands, former Chairman/CEO Playboy Enterprises; Rita Cosby, Emmy-winning TV Host & Best-Selling Author; Nikki Haskell, Pop Culture Historian & Creator of Star Shooterz; and Margaux Levy, Attorney & Creator of Skincare Brands: Freeze 24*7.

I On Beauty: Living Beautifully and Luxuriously Beyond 50 is available on Amazon.

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