Ischia Italy: Italy’s Next Hot Destination

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While foreigners rush to the iconic island of Capri, Italians flock to the less flashy shores of Ischia. Capri is a place well deserving of the attraction and love from visitors. It offers idyllic scenery, designer shopping, and highly fancy living that makes it a playground for the wealthy. Ischia may not come as luxuriously built as Capri but it is steadily becoming a place to visit on visitors’ trip to Italy.

Ischia, Italy is a subtly seductive and volcanic island in the Bay of Naples. It has over one hundred thermal springs with unique healing properties that make it a wellness stop for the informed few. The island doesn’t lack in stunning beaches, views, history, and more. Some describe it as a paradise for the most relaxing and peaceful experience. Read on to learn more about a vacation in Ischia.


How to get there

Getting to Ischia is easy and by ferry. From Naples or the Amalfi Coast, you can catch a high-speed ferry for a one-hour journey to Ischia or a slow ferry which takes up to one and a half hour. The short trip offers amazing views.


Ischia is more affordable than Capri. Your accommodation options are sure to be cheaper and diverse to find what suits your preferences. The hotels run from 3 to 5-star choices and they often come with dining. Pick any hotel you like and get started on exploring the magic of modest Ischia.

Grand Hotel Punta Molino
Grand Hotel Punta Molino

Getting around in Ischia

You don’t need a car to get around in Ischia. The buses serve the island perfectly and help you get around as needed. Yes, this is a great advantage and gives you a fuller experience during your stay. You can hire a boat to explore the island more at about $112.60, which includes fuel charges. There are also taxis available for transportation.

What to do in Ischia

Ischia is the one place where you can never get bored or run out of things to do. For those interested in wellness, the thermal springs, spas, and wellness centers give you more than enough to enjoy. Get a hot natural shower and Roman bath. Indulge in a massage or spa treatment, mud masks, or lymphatic drainage options. Visit the pools and baths with different temperatures.

Bay of Sant Angelo, Ischia, Italy,
Bay of Sant Angelo, Ischia, Italy,

Make food tasting part of your time in Ischia with the amazing restaurants. Thrill your taste buds with seafood, mountain cuisines, and an assortment of drinks. The best part is that most restaurants offer breathtaking views. It’s all a part of the unique Ischia experience.

Visit the seaside towns and fishing villages. Ischia is larger than Capri and boasts of several small towns. Don’t leave out the beaches and lying on the sand or shopping both locally made or customized products. Ischia has a bubbling nightlife as almost all shops and restaurants stay open after dark. Strolls are not overrated on this island and are a great way to feel the lively atmosphere around. The weather is wonderful in Ischia with a gentle breeze you can get used to.

Family Spa Hotel Le Canne - Ischia
Family Spa Hotel Le Canne – Ischia

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