Luxury American Whiskey & Celeb Production

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Luxury American Whiskey & Celeb Production What makes a whiskey “luxury”? Would it be a hefty price tag, a fresh and impressive taste, or association with a celeb name?

Just late last year, Entrepreneur Julie Macklowe launched what she has described as the first luxury America single malt. With only 250 bottles made and sold at a retail price of $1500, we’re still trying to decide what luxury brings to the American whiskey scene.

Celebrities and their alcohol brands

It has become commonplace to hear a celebrity launching an alcohol brand. Because why not? The alcohol industry thrives on the popularity of brands, and celebrities have the fame to make this happen in minutes.

Still, some would draw the line when it comes to the flavor and quality of these luxury drinks.

Here’s a look at some recent celebrity production whiskeys and if they cut it in the American whiskey quality as they do in publicity.

  • Brown Sugar Bourbon Whiskey by Jamie Foxx

According to the actor and musician, “I’ve always lived by the rule that life is short, and you need to go out and do what you want to do. Owning a brand that brings sweet life to the party has always been a goal, and with BSB, we’re making it happen.” He also added, “Anyone who tries BSB is going to love it just like I do.”

BSB offers notes of brown sugar and spicy cinnamon. It gives a feeling of warmth, smoothness, and ease to enjoy. It’s a good choice for shots and cocktails at any kind of party.

Luxury American Whiskey
  • Blackened by Metallica 

The heavy metal band Metallica named the whiskey after one of its songs and worked with the late artisan craft distiller Dave Pickerell to bring this brand to life.

Blackened is a mix of bourbon, whiskey and rye blended and stored in black brandy barrels for maturation. During that time, the barrels are exposed to Metallica songs played at such a low hertz level that the sound waves generate movement in the barrel.

The aim is that the motion intensifies the malt’s flavor, and the band’s conviction in this technique is so strong they filed a patent for it under the term “Black Noise.”

On the palate, the whiskey is sweet, smooth, and creamy, and includes fruit notes of golden raisin, dried apricot, prune, and a touch of mango, followed by vanilla and spicy tropical notes of cinnamon, allspice, and clove.

  • Proper No. Twelve by Conor McGregor 

While some celebrity production alcohol might have met with good feedback from both critics and American Whiskey lovers alike, Proper No Twelve wasn’t so lucky.

Professional mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor launched the brand with much promise and worked with master distiller David Elder as well as the world’s oldest licensed distillery in Ireland.

The brand sourced water from the alkaline Saint Columb’s Rill river to create the triple-distilled whiskey, which was aged in oak. But the reviews have described the whiskey as grainy, artificially sweet, and packed with ethanol.

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