Luxury Brands That Have Joined the COVID-19 Fight

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Luxury brands make up a large part of the industries that have taken a hit, but rather than stay down several of these brands have taken big steps to join in the COVID-19 fight. Here are some luxury brands doing their part to provide relief and help millions of people through this crisis.

There’s no doubt these are troubling times with the pandemic COVID-19 causing unexpected changes across the globe. Some of the most notable changes include crashing economies, a different approach to how we now interact, and several industries on complete shutdown.

Tiffany & Co.

The dreamy luxury brand and heritage jeweler has announced a $1 million donation to the fight against COVID-19. The donation is split in two ways with $250, 000 to the New York Community Trust’s NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund and $750, 000 to the World Health Organization’s Solidarity Response Fund. Also, Tiffany’s has promised to match any donations made by employees.

Salvatore Ferragamo

To support a call to action made by Tuscany, Salvatore Ferragamo has manufactured and donated 100,000 TNT anti-bacterial masks, 3,000 FPP1 masks, and 50,000 units of hand sanitizer to local healthcare units. The Italian luxury goods company is also subsidizing the renovation of a few wards at I Fraticini hospital in Florence. The hospital which had been closed since 1996 is been renovated for use by patients who need to be quarantined or those recovering from the virus.

The Armani Group

The Armani Group recently announced that it will switch all of its manufacturing plants from creating luxury goods to medical overalls for single-use. This recent announcement is in addition to the designer, Giorgio Armani’s €2 million donations to the National Civil Protection Department and the Istituto Spallanzani in Rome, Luigi Sacco, Istituto Dei Tumori and San Raffaele hospitals in Milan.


The French multinational corporation announced its purchase of 3 million masks from China as a donation and relief to France’s health services. The company has also donated an unspecified amount to the disease treatment and research nonprofit Institut Pasteur. Labels owned by the company such as Gucci, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent have announced the production of masks and supplies to be distributed in hospitals across France and Italy.

Luxury Brands That Have Joined the COVID-19 Fight

Ralph Lauren

Formerly known as the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation, the American conglomerate has pledged $10 million to various organizations and causes against COVID-19. These include the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, and the Emergency Assistance Foundation. In addition, the company will produce 250,000 face masks and 25,000 gowns for healthcare workers.


Burberry has pledged the production of 100,000 masks for the doctors and nurses of the UK’s National Health Service. The brand has also pledged to produce nonsurgical masks and gowns for patients during this crisis. Other donations and assistance by the brand include donations to food charities and funding of coronavirus vaccine research at Oxford University.


Owned by the Della Valle family, Tod’s is a luxury shoe and leather brand. The family has pledged a donation of €5 million for the families of healthcare workers, who have lost their lives due to the fight against the coronavirus.

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