Luxury RV Vacations

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Luxury RV Vacations: When it comes to luxury vacations, thoughts of airlines, campgrounds, exotic hotels, and locations bubbling with huge crowds are the sort of images that come to mind. Well, all that has changed now since COVID-19 came into the picture.

The good news is, luxury vacations don’t have to be taken out of your bucket list for the year just yet. You can still have wholesome fun, but with safety measures in place. As it turns out, thousands of people are already doing it with nothing more than a lot of money and an RV rental.

According to Jer Goss of Goss RV, “Rental inquiries are up 367% from the same time last year,”

From all indications, RV rentals and dealerships have begun to enjoy the attention and successful transactions that once thrilled air travel businesses, hotels, and cruise organizers. And who can blame them?

Choosing a luxury RV vacation has its perks for both old and first-timers. While it might seem like you are spending endless hours on the road, RVs make it easy to keep a distance from other travelers. It is also a much cheaper way to reach your destination and enjoy your trip. Luxury RVs or any RVs for that matter are easy to park anywhere the fun is and with the recent luxurious designs, your RV can be as good as any magnificent accommodation.

Luxury RV Vacations

RVs now come fully equipped with shiny and sturdy granite countertops, king-sized beds, expandable sides and roofs, and so on.

The aim is to ensure your vacation feels extravagant indeed with such delicately designed RVs.

A good idea of the costs for an RV rental service is anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000 weekly. As with most rental services, your specific fee or price depends on the type of vehicle or RV, how long you will have it, additional services like a driver, food, and so on.


Jer Goss gives some insight on the driving services Goss RV offers in his words, “We call our drivers ‘coach operators’ because they do so much more than drive. They park the vehicle, get it set up, and make sure everything’s nice, just like a boat crew does when you dock it at a marina.”

Are there even more luxurious versions of RVs? Yes, an airstream is exactly that. Airstreams have a peculiar appearance which contributes to their expensive cost.

Is socializing on vacations completely dead then? No, actually it’s not. A road trip or RV vacation is a unique experience that gives you the chance to meet new people. Of course, while thousands of families are joining the luxury RV vacation bandwagon, safety hasn’t been thrown to the wind regarding the pandemic.

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