Beauty Industry and Coronavirus Outbreak

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2020 started with as much bliss as every other year but now, it seems that was short-lived with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) impacting every industry across the globe.

The beauty industry is not left out of the effects of coronavirus disease COVID-19, and it’s time to understand where we are now.

What we know;

  • We know everyone is at risk of getting infected and we are all warned to resist touching our faces, other people, or staying close to those who are sick.
  • Sanitizers and soaps have proven to be dependable superheroes alongside health and other personnel working hard to keep us all safe.
  • COVID-19 is impacting customers’ approach to beauty and the experts are also changing how they provide services. We can say the pandemic is driving preventive and safe beauty.
Beauty Industry and Coronavirus Outbreak

Makeup artists and COVID-19.

There’s probably nothing more controversial than both words in a sentence. A makeup artist’s job revolves around endless touching of the customer’s face with their hands and equipment. We can’t have that with a virus running around, and several makeup artists are already taking hygiene more seriously.

Taking a cue from a few experts, makeup artists can look to these tips;

  • Wash makeup brushes every night with shampoo and water.
  • Keep makeup tables and other surfaces clean at all times by wiping them down with alcohol wipes or damp cloth.
  • Work with scrapes of lipstick products for each client and avoid using the same lipstick bullet or other intimately used face products for different people.
  • Tap makeup brushes on the table to dust off excess powder. Do not blow on it.

Aestheticians and COVID-19.

Like, makeup artists, these experts have had to raise the bar on their hygiene. Aestheticians now employ practices like pre-treatment hand washing and sterilized equipment. Wearing masks for hygienic reasons is also becoming more popular with these professionals.

A general tip most people in the beauty industry are already working with us to reschedule appointments if the customer or professional is even slightly sick.

Where are the others?

Hairstylists, dermatologists, nail artists and more might be able to incorporate hygienic practices too, but given the nature of their job, it can get really hard. Recently, most hairstylists, nail salons, and dermatologists have closed their doors to mitigate risks and keep themselves and their customers safe.

Beauty Industry and Coronavirus Outbreak

What about products?

As early as February, reports that beauty products supply chains will take a hit because of the outbreak were already circulating. These reports are no doubt true, as supply interruptions are a part of precautions to prevent even further spread of the coronavirus disease.

What to do?

‘Stay at home’ are the most popular three words on the internet right now and they are very valid. Staying home and curbing the spread seems to be the current solution for the beauty industry. For anyone – professional or client alike – still conflicted about their next steps, be sure to place your health and safety above all else. Beauty shows and services may have been canceled or shut down, but the industry is likely to get back on track when the crisis is over.

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