Microblading: All you need to know

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Oh, the struggle of waking up each morning to stubborn eyebrows and then spending hours trying to get them in perfect shape. Sometimes after all your hard work, you stand back and look into the mirror only to find that you did not ace the shape at all.


If it’s any comfort, this is the daily routine for most ladies except you are a celebrity who has long invested in getting the perfect eyebrows tattooed on her skin.


Microblading is a procedure that has the entire beauty industry buzzing. On one hand, it seems like a dream come true for every female because after all who wouldn’t want to wake up to perfect eyebrows. But on the other hand, it seems sketchy too. The words tattoo, ink, and needles may have folks like you thinking twice. So what is microblading and is it worth it? Well, you can answer the question after getting fully informed.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a beauty technique that involves the use of a very precise tool to deposit pigment into the skin. Some refer to this tool as a super-fine pen containing up to 15 needles. The tips are so fine that they create accurate hair strokes to blend with your eyebrow hairs. Unlike other techniques, microblading can stimulate hair and has the most natural look.

Does it hurt?

A little yes.

What is the procedure?

The entire procedure usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes and sometimes an hour. You should fix an appointment on time. The eyebrow specialist will consult with you about the best shape for your eyebrow. When that’s settled, they will proceed to outline the shape. A numbing agent will be used to numb the area and reduce any pain. Then, your eyebrow specialist will get to work implanting featherweight strokes. If you start to feel discomfort, more numbing ointment will be applied. Most times, you can keep checking your eyebrows until you love what you see.

The entire process is careful and sterile.



Is it pricey?

Sure it is. Microblading takes its worth in money by being quite pricey. Prices can range from $1500 and above.

What happens next?

There is a follow-up session of 6-8 weeks to be sure you love your brows and there are no problems. There are a few rules to follow after microblading.

  • First is no makeup for at least a week.
  • Use sunscreen to increase the longevity of the brows and protect from the sun.
  • Don’t wet the brows for a week.

Following these rules helps the brows to heal faster and get settled for you to enjoy your splurge.

How long does it last?

Depending on your skin type, microblading technique gives you eyebrows that last from 1 to 3 years. You can touch up after 12 months so they don’t fade away.

What do we think?

Well, who would pass up the opportunity to wake up looking like a lady indeed? Microblading equals stress-free eyebrows and if you are scared of needles, remember the numbing agent is there for you.

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