How to Clean Makeup Brushes

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You should be shocked to learn that most women hardly clean their makeup brushes as they should, but you are not because at some point we are all guilty!

Makeup brushes are almost the most essential makeup tools because without them your routine would just be a sloppy mess. So, we dab and apply with these brushes every day without ever thinking of getting them cleaned. Or we think about it but just decide we don’t have the time. The thing is this is bad news for your skin because of the buildup of product and bacteria on those brushes.

The consequences of daily grime include skin irritation, breakouts, and congestion. Let’s not forget that clogged bristles won’t work as well either and that can be frustrating. Read on as we discuss how to clean makeup brushes.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes


  • Set all your brushes aside from the rest of your makeup
  • Get a glass or mug (deep enough for you to work with) and pour in warm water till full.
  • Add a dollop of shampoo to the water.
  • Place the brushes in and swirl them in the water.
  • Bring them out one at a time to massage the bristles and slough off deep-seated gunk.
  • Your brushes should turn the color they were before getting covered in product.
  • Rinse with clean water and lay them out to dry. Do not clump them together.

 How often should you clean your brushes?

Every week! Yes, once a week is the minimum number of times to wash your brushes.

Best brush hygiene tips.

  • For brushes or blenders used to apply liquid products, clean more often. At least three to four times will do to prevent the buildup of organisms like fungi and bacteria that thrive in moist environments.
  • Opt for synthetic brushes. Synthetic brushes last longer and are easy to clean. Natural brushes tend to get worn out easily especially if you do not clean them. Natural bristles are also porous which makes these brushes high maintenance and expensive in the long run.
  • Always store your makeup brushes in cool and dry places. Store them separately from other tools.
  • Avoid leaving brushes in damp areas that could attract bacteria.
  • Air dry your makeup brushes and blenders often.
  • Synthetic brushes usually clump together when there are too much gunk and product buildup. Fluffy or natural brushes pile up products at their base. These indicate the time for a clean.

How to know if it’s time to replace?

Some ladies wait until the brushes simply won’t cooperate anymore. This is unhealthy for your skin, frustrating, and most times unexpected. If your makeup brushes start to shed or no longer works for you, then it is a sign a replacement is needed. Other signs include holding on to stains after cleaning. Makeup experts advise that you buy a few new brushes periodically. This is a healthy and cost-effective way to replace makeup brushes.

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