Ode to the Creative Types; Filmworkers Flourish and Seek to Service

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In a world where the power of possibilities and options run limitless, sometimes having a go-to for different, yet interconnected needs is most ideal for individuals, particularly for creative causes and collections. Meet Filmworkers, a talent and service-based company feature five different creative boutiques: Filmworkers Collective, Giannini Creative, Vitamin, Treehouse Edit, and Reservation. Housed in Chicago, Dallas, and Nashville, but available to creative seekers across the country, Filmworkers is guaranteed to provide others with superior services. Check out the breakdown below:

Filmworkers Collective works cross-platform to the client’s screen choice and specializes in the following:

  • Production
  • Color
  • Able to color materials from the newest digital cameras to 35/16mm film
  • Resolution independent color correction systems
  • Commercials, web products, feature films
  • Media neutral imaging
  • Visual Effects
  • Film lab services
  • Print retouching
  • Editorial (local and beyond)
  • Archival work
  • Motion graphic design

Founded in 2000, Giannini Creative houses some of the top advertising artists in the industry and has worked closely with McDonald’s, Oakley, Jim Beam, Harley Davidson, Allstate, Porsche, Proctor & Gamble, and Altoids. Featured in 3D World, Communication Arts and other creative publications, Giovanni Creative specialize in the following:

  • Creative Retouching
  • Design and Pre-Media Services
  • CGI for Character Development
  • Illustration
  • Animation and Print
Vitamin Pictures is a hybrid creative studio that focuses on design-driven production. Consisting of a team of directors, producers, designers, photographers, florists, animators, illustrators and visual effects artists who all share a love for storytelling, Vitamin Pictures has created a diverse and stimulating range of work, from music videos to broadcast design to film content.

Treehouse Edit hones in heavily on editing, motion graphics and finishing for advertising and independent film projects. Founded by creative editor Peter Tarter in 2012, the company’s mission statement asserts that the client comes first and will be given the best product possible.

Restoration utilizes various digital and analog techniques to inspect, repair and digitally scan others’ film using the latest technologies and aims to enhance and restore film to its original state and the beauty to the format of choice.

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