Rush Street Reunion 2015

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Rush Street Reunion 2015 is celebrated at Connie’s Pizza the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of years in the past came to life on one special afternoon.

This special event brought together some of the original musicians, D.J.’s, and vocalists who made an indelible impression on our minds years ago at such popular Rush Street nightclubs as Mister Kelly’s, Jilly’s and the Backroom (among others.)  Making a rare appearance was Danny Long and his trio, accompanied by Nick Schneider on bass guitar and Rusty Jones on drums.

Saxophonist Eric Schneider along with Ronnie Lass and Friends added to the extraordinary musical line – up with an unforgettable rock and blues session.  Also on hand was the intriguing artwork of artist Robert Scott, on display (and for sale) from his “Sweet Home Chicago” collection, along with a raffle featuring sought – after items from such upscale retailers as Contessa Bottega.

This significant reunion was the brilliant idea of David Floodstrand, author of the upcoming book “Rush Street, Chicago’s Street of Dreams ” which chronicles the fascinating history of Rush St. from the 1800’s to the 21st century.  As an established Chicago jazz vocalist, David Floodstrand also owns the D.J. School of Skokie and was at one time a D.J. himself.  A portion of the proceeds from this party directly benefits the Lupus Foundation of America for ongoing Lupus research.

Vivid memories were shared and nightlife stories re-lived for one remarkable afternoon during “Rush Street Reunion 2015” and will long be remembered by all who attended, just as our memories from those bygone decades of the 1950s through the 90’s live on and on.

Keep rockin’ friends.

Nothing stays the same and if you want proof just look in the mirror. Maybe your hair has turned white and, yes, those are bags under your eyes, a trace of jowls.

No, nothing stays the same, and if you want further proof just walk on one of the streets where you spent your youth. Wasn’t that empty lot just yesterday a bowling alley? That high-rise condo building, wasn’t that where your aunt and uncle lived in a two-flat? That chic clothing store, wasn’t that the basement club where you once danced your head off until 4 a.m.? Rick Kogan

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