Palmer Floral Shop: Flowers, Chocolates, and Fresh Fruit… Oh My!

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To the casual passerby, Palmer Floral Shop, located at 1926 S. Mannheim Road in Westchester, IL, appears on the outside to be just like any other store you might drive by and hardly notice. However on the inside, you will make a wonderful discovery: a unique place, blending all of the terrific elements of three retail stores into one dynamic shop with extraordinary items- chocolate-covered strawberries and bananas, along with wonderful gifts, appropriately suited for a lot of special occasions: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.


A first-time visitor and even repeat customers will be astonished by what they discover at the Palmer Floral shop. Delicious chocolate creations and other delicacies (including fruit baskets) are made fresh every day, directly on the premises.

As a first time visitor, I found myself surrounded by the brilliant colors of fresh flowers of every type: roses, carnations, and orchids, when suddenly from up above I noticed a vintage train set in perfect condition moving along the outline of the walls and ceiling.

Mouthwatering chocolate novelties and a large assortment of fresh fruit looked quite appealing under a shiny glass showcase. Not to be overlooked were dozens of clever and creative gift items; ranging from greeting cards, candles, and plush toys to fine porcelain and glass vases which are typically found in antique stores. Not sure what you’d like to buy? The courteous employees will offer you a deluxe catalog of items to choose from, or even a sample of fruit or chocolates.


So whether it’s your brother’s 10th birthday or your Aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary, be sure to make Palmer Florist your one-stop shopping destination. You can reach them directly at (708) 531-9800, or they have
a convenient 800 Number for ordering: 1-800-flowers

As a savvy retailer who always offers competitive prices, John Palmer convinces me that shopping at a flower store can be fun for everybody year-round, not just for housewives on Valentine’s day!


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