Pivo Review: Horse Tracking Made Easy

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Pivo Review: Horse Tracking Made Easy — What is the point of having fun if you cannot capture the good moments? One of the challenges of horse riding alone or with a partner is that you cannot ride and take images or videos at the same time. This is where Pivo enters with its product, which has made capturing moments while horse tracking easy for you without help. Buckle up because you’re about to learn how Pivo makes horse tracking easy, the benefits of using Pivo during horse riding, and hacks to get the best of your Horse Tracker.

3 Benefits of Using Pivo Horse Tracker

The advantages of using Pivo as your tracking device are inexhaustible, but here you four top ones to help you choose Pivo.

Smart experience: The Pivo tracking device is a smart device with exciting features that would stun you. It has sharp zoom in and out features no matter the distance or angles. It can capture different angles of up to 15 angles in one click.

High resolution and clear content: You do not need to worry about getting blurry or distorted pictures with the device. It will succinctly capture you and your horse during a ride. As long as you position and set the settings, you are assured of its ability to capture the various struts, trots, and poses.

The Call experience: Did you know with your Pivo Horse Tracker, you can receive a call while you ride? Well, now you know! You can receive calls from your instructors or loved ones without fear of disrupting your shot angles or dropping your phone.

It is important to note that the brand and specifications of your phone can either enhance or reduce the quality of your pictures and videos. Check the standard phone specifications compatibility. iPhone 8 or above with iOS 13.0 or higher can work while premium Android phones from 2017 or an Android version 9.0 or higher can work perfectly with your horse tracking device.

Pivo Review

4 Hacks For Getting The Best Out Of Your Pivo Horse Tracker

Clean your lens: We underestimate the power of cleaning the lens of our cameras. This is to avoid blurry pictures and videos. When you use a clean cloth to wipe your camera lens, it helps you get a perfect shot of yourself and your horse.

Follow the 10% rule: This rule simply means your horse and you should be at least 10% visible on the screen. As much as Pivo can zoom on you no matter the distance, you have to be at least 10% visible on the screen. Also note that the lighting, speed, distance, and angles you place your tracking device also determine the dimensions and angles your Pivo tracker can capture.

Be different: For your Pivo tracker to capture you, you need to be different and stand out from others and the background. You can use brightly colored gear to stand out from the background. Ensure you and your horse do not blend with the crowd to enable Pivo to see you!

Program your Settings Correctly: To get the best out of your horse tracker, ensure you preset the settings for maximum experience. Certain smart features should be turned on, like auto-zoom, auto alignment, target exposure, predictive follows, and others.

With these benefits of the Pivo tracking device and tricks to getting a fun shooting experience, the Pivo Horse Tracker will help you capture your best horse-riding experiences.


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