Raquel Welch: Ageless Beauty

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Her lines in One Million Years B.C. were as skimpy as her doeskin costume, but Raquel Welch’s role in the 1966 film propelled the young woman into megastardom, launching a long career built on a foundation of allure and sex appeal. She became one of the most desired sex symbols of the 1960s and 70s, and at age 74, she still continues to captivate audiences with her ageless beauty. Playboy ranks her as the third sexiest star of the 20th century, and Men’s Health puts her at the #2 sexiest woman of all time (after Jennifer Aniston—what’s up with that?).

The magazine writes, “Welch, unlike so many sex symbols before and after her, has never fostered an image of giggly innocence waiting to be corrupted, or a naughty Lolita up to no good. Even when she was barely old enough to drink, she always seemed like a woman, very much in control of her own sexuality.” And while the actress believes in embracing one’s own sexuality, she has also sought recognition for more than her curves. Welch accepted the controversial role of transsexual Myra Breckinridge to bring the focus back to her acting, but the film was widely regarded as an overly sensationalized flop.

In 1974, Raquel Welch finally received a Golden Globe Award for her role in The Three Musketeers and another nomination in 1987 for Right to Die. In addition to her acting career, which includes many television appearances and specials, Raquel Welch has shown herself to possess a keen sense of business. She has published books on fitness and nutrition and started a skincare line as well as launched wig and jewelry collections.

Beyond the Cleavage, released in 2010, is not only Welch’s autobiography but a proclamation to those who may confuse the woman with her pop-culture persona. “My task of destroying the myth is long overdue. It’s an absolute necessity to pull back the veil, so to speak, in order to make way for the authentic me,” the first chapter reads.

From what we can glean of her candid nature through interviews and her business endeavors, I think we can safely assume that Raquel Welch is at least as amazing off-camera as she is in front of it.

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