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Best Dealcoholized Wines

Best Dealcoholized Wines to Drink

  Best Dealcoholized Wines to Drink: Not drinking when everyone around you is, tends to be quite boring. It gets worse if you are not feeling the need to indulge in alcohol or probably never liked it at all to begin with. Thankfully, we live in a world where producers …

Best Actress Oscar for ‘Judy’

Reasons Why Renee Zellweger Will Win the Best Actress Oscar for Judy

  After being nominated for her role in the film Judy, people wonder what’s to stop Renee Zellweger from winning the best actress Oscar for Judy. Apparently, the answer is nothing. What does it take to win an Oscar? A lot, but then again Renee seems to have it covered. For starters, …

Raquel Welch Almost 80 and Still Fabulous

  If you are a fan of pop culture, then the name Raquel Welch should ring a bell. She is a pop culture icon who has kept it sizzling hot for decades. Now almost 80, Raquel Welch is still beautiful, gorgeous, and a sex symbol to fathers and grandfathers. What’s …

Equestrian Subscription Boxes

  For some people, a horse is more than a ride. They can be very people friendly and quickly become a member of your family or a much-loved pet. There’s nothing better you can offer your hoofed friend than a lot of love and pampering. This is where equestrian subscription …

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley and Dancing with the Stars

  “Showbiz is all about getting a break, and Sailor and I both got one on Dancing With the Stars this season. Sailor joined the cast when I got mine,” said Christie Brinkley following a series of events which we are about to give the full gist on. Dancing With the Stars …

Old Town Road

  For those who have been updating their playlists the hit song, Old Town Road should be very familiar. Old Town Road has become more than good music to your ears and has broken records in the industry. But let’s start at the beginning before diving into the achievements. Old Town …

Bamboo Equestrian Products

A lot of us still think of bamboo as a stubborn woody plant found in thickly wooded areas. Well, times are changing and researchers have discovered that bamboo could be the next big thing. Bamboo is the largest existing grass with thousands of species spread across the world. It can …


Starbucks Secret Menu Items

  It’s not strange to crave something new now and then, and the Starbucks secret menu lets its customers enjoy the unusual freedom of a dream come true! Have you ever stood in line waiting to recite your usual Starbucks order only to hear the person in front of you …

Dog Shows

The Uncertain Future of Dog Shows

Criticism of prestigious breed shows such as Crufts and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is hardly new. For the past several years, these and such shows have found themselves increasingly under fire for encouraging breed standards that, in some cases, contribute to serious health problems.

Yvonne Barteau Releases Manifesto from Horses’ Perspective

While you might expect a distinguished equestrian to have grown up immersed in horse culture, this is not the case of the renowned Yvonne Barteau. The expert rider was not even raised with pets.