Irene Michaels in Resident Magazine

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Irene Michaels in Resident Magazine – R Couri Hay at home with Beauty & Luxury Lifestyle Expert, Irene Michaels.

 Irene Michaels

Michaels, 73, is a former model and actress who had a recurring role on General Hospital. She formed several businesses including a modeling agency, corporate events company and IMA Contractors, which renovated vintage homes in Chicago.

 Irene Michaels

How does someone who started out as a professional dancer at 11-years-old, successfully run several businesses, develop beauty products, model, act and operate a webzine with 100,000 monthly visitors? “I live life to the fullest,” Michaels explains. “I am very adventurous and enjoy exploring and reinventing myself all the time so there isn’t anything I feel I cannot tackle.”

 Irene Michaels

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Over the years the accomplished Irene Michaels has demonstrated that it is not in her nature to slow down. The dark-haired beauty thrives on the challenges presented by her demanding work schedule, silently taking pride in the highly deserved success and remaining ever grounded and gracious to those who have contributed to her mission along the way. For the past several decades, the savvy Chicago based entrepreneur has glided gracefully from one project to another, jetted from one city to the next to pursue opportunity after opportunity, and has rarely paused to catch her breath. She has taken on the roles of model, actress, producer, publisher, and inside journalist. She is an accomplished equestrian and avid animal lover. Few can match her work ethic, and she has a great deal to show for her efforts. Ms. Michaels has done it all and has become a significant figure within Chicago society.


With impressive beauty and a sharp intellect, Irene Michaels has navigated the entertainment and business worlds for over thirty years, beginning as a young dancer and model who formed her own modeling agency, Show Time, before the age of twenty. It wasn’t long before she became known as the “leader of fashion shows,” making connections that would eventually further her own career as an actress. In addition to film and theater work, she landed a reoccurring role on General Hospital in the 1990’s before deciding once again to go behind the cameras, again taking on the business world with the creation of “Behind the Scenes,” a company that produced promotional events for corporations, hotels, and convention centers. Ms. Michaels then went on to create a second production company in 2004, and she further branched out with the establishment of IMA Contractors, a firm specializing in rehabbing vintage homes in the Gold Coast.


Her most recent business endeavor is the creation of I On The Scene, a culture, and society webzine that publishes exciting content on the biggest entertainment news in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, as well as abroad. Once one of Chicago’s leading fashion models, Ms. Michaels’ work in the industry has exposed her to some of entertainment’s biggest names and events. Ms. Michaels has covered major red carpet events such as the Tonys, Grammys, Golden Globes, Oscars, numerous film festivals, and notable concerts to mention just a few. Her classy and graceful style continues to charm a growing audience, many comparing her to Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Audrey Hepburn. I On The Scene also covers topics such as cuisine, fashion, travel, and culture. Her list is extensive. She has encountered and interviewed numerous celebrities ranging from actors Bruce Dern, Al Pacino, Gary Cole, Dennis Farina, Bette Midler; directors Quentin Tarantino and Joe Maggio; singers Harry Connick Jr, Gene Simmons of KISS, Carol Connors, Dennis DeYoung; the late fashion designer Oscar de la Renta; jewelry designer David Yurman; supermodels Cindy Crawford and Christy Brinkley; late producer Marty Robbins; Michael Butler, as well as Chaz Ebert, Arianna Huffington, comedian Tom Dreesen, Normand Latourelle of Cavalia horse productions, Betsy Steinberg of the Chicago Film Office, and former mayor Richard Daley. Additionally, she has covered major horse shows like the Hampton Classic and CSIO Barcelona Nations Cup Jumping Final, book signings, and restaurant launches. With the popularity of her growing website, Ms. Michaels’ audience continues to grow through her thousands of enthusiastic Facebook fans, influential Twitter followers, and loyal Instagrammers.

In addition to her work with I On The Scene, Ms. Michaels’ blog, “I On Beauty”, is featured on the Post 50 section of the Huffington Post, where she covers a range of topics, including surviving challenges, taking control of end-of-life care issues, relationships, pets, healthy living and shares beauty secrets.  I On Beauty was received so well that Ms. Michaels launched a second series in conjunction with Huffington Post’s Lifestyle section called “I On Exceptional Living”.


In furtherance of the I On brand, Irene turned to the beauty industry and developed an anti-aging line called I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels, with products including I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels Roll-On Serum and a brightening CC cream with 20 SPF, Make-Up Remover Wipes and a Gel Cream Cleanser for all skin types to name a few.


One of the forces motivating Irene Michaels is the idea that her work matters. Beyond simply following the happenings of Hollywood show business, she brings awareness and garners support for many causes. In a recent interview with Gene Simmons of KISS, she introduced Chicagoans to the non-profit organization, Sophie’s Place, a child advocacy center in Canada that provides tutoring, food, and guidance to underprivileged and at-risk children. Her charitable affiliations include PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving), La Rabida Children’s Hospital, the Chicago Architectural Foundation, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Journalists Association, Chicago Historical Society, Wayne DuPage Riding Club, Screen Actors Guild, The Joffrey Circle, Better Boys Foundation, and Theater School of DePaul.


While Irene spends a great deal of time socially and on the Red Carpet, she equally enjoys her private time hanging out with her horses and other animals. She’s an avid outdoorswoman, and regardless of how hectic her schedule becomes, she can usually be found at the stables or participating at horse riding shows. For demonstrating consistency and exceptionalism in her riding, Irene has earned her Colors, a great honor in the equestrian community. This impressive distinction enables her to ride in prestigious hunts the world over.





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  • Ariel

    Irene Michaels has done so much for the empowerment of women around the U.S. She truly is an American icon and I feel that she has inspired a whole new generation of women entrepreneurs.

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