Star Shooterz by Nikki Haskell

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Star Shooterz by Nikki Haskell – Everyone can be a star with this all-in-one invention.

Nikki Haskell is well known for her achievements and contributions across various industries. She was one of the first female stockbrokers on Wall Street. Nikki has shown us one person can do it all in her roles as an inventor, film producer, artist, and show host.

Star Shooterz by Nikki is a phone case designed for iPhone SE, 6, 6S, 7, 8 models. In Nikki’s words, “I launched the Star Shooterz ‘For the selfie in you’. It’s a fabulous new phone case that stands up, lights up, and turns into a zooming selfie stick with vanity lights in multiple colors. With its unique design, it includes a standalone support stand in the back of the accessory case. It gives the user a better view of the phone and makes it easier to take selfies. This stand unfolds to a full-length selfie stick for the perfect pictures from any situation. It has an attachment to take pictures and to seamlessly send images and videos to the user’s printer or computer and to have these printed upon arrival at home or office, Nikki’s invention seems to be right on time for the social media generation who love to take selfies. While Star Shooterz makes it easy for users to take star-worthy pictures with no hassle, telling your story hasn’t always been this easy.

“I produced my own show. I shot, hosted, and edited my show. But in those days, you’d have to have a big film crew go with you. Then you’d have to go and edit it at editing facilities. And it was really complicated.” Nikki recalls.

Nikki Haskell & Irene Michaels Star Shooterz
Nikki Haskell & Irene Michaels

“It’s really been an amazing thing, the whole thing with these selfies and the way these different platforms are set up, making it very easy to tell your story. Before, either you had a television show, or you didn’t.

I was the first person that had a television show. The Nikki Haskell Show was a forerunner to Entertainment Tonight, The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. It was really complicated in those days. Went to Rio de Janeiro to shoot carnival I had to take 150 pieces of equipment and 11 people with me. Now you can just take your iPhone and you can shoot everything!”

Nikki’s love for all-in-one solutions makes Star Shooterz a truly complete product. The product features its mobile phone case with stand-alone support and a mirror with vanity lights at the sides so you can picture in your preferred light conditions.

Nikki Haskell & Pamela Anderson

The Hollywood make up lights include the youthful pink and white, illuminating blue and white, paparazzi bright white, and party multi-color. You can adjust the brightness of the lights across three levels. The built-in Bluetooth button allows you the sync with other devices and prints your pictures.

Nikki remains fearless and continues to invent products she feels are missing from the market.

Nikki Haskell Star Shooterz is available on Amazon.

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