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Best Beauty Gifts for the Holidays 2021

Picking out the Beauty Gifts for the Holidays for a friend, loved one, or even yourself can be harder than anyone would like. It’s sometimes because you have an endless list of options. But one trick is to remember that the best gifts are thoughtful and functional items. When it …

Irene Michaels

Irene Michaels in Resident Magazine

R Couri Hay at home with Beauty & Luxury Lifestyle Expert, Irene Michaels, and 10 time Tony Award Winner, Arny Granat.

Winter Beauty Tips and Products to Help You Feel Your Best

Winter is a beautiful season when you think about the calmness and coolness it brings. While winter can be amazing on one part it can be quite unfair to your beauty routine, skin, and appearance. Unlike other seasons, you would have to take specific and effective steps to enhance your beauty routine and avoid the dry skin or brittle nails that come with it.

I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™ Announces a New Formula for its Roll-On Serum

Skincare goes deeper than most of us think. It is a commitment to an effective routine that enhances our skin. Yes, everyone loves a beautiful skin, but not everyone has found a way to obtain it. I have enjoyed a career in the entertainment industry for decades, and as expected …


Anti-aging products are the best thing which we have seen on the market. These products are tried and tested with great market claims. The anti-aging products with hyaluronic acid are considered the best hydration, moisturizer and natural anti-aging ingredient serving as an all-in-one solution.  Another ingredient “Retinol” is also known …

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I On Youth Roll-On Serum: Your Next Skin Care Favorite

I have enjoyed a career in the entertainment industry for decades. Being so often in front of the cameras, I have gleaned a lifetime worth of beauty tips from stars, public figures, colleagues, and friends. I am often asked how I am able to maintain my looks so well at …