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Irene Michaels in Resident Magazine

R Couri Hay at home with Beauty & Luxury Lifestyle Expert, Irene Michaels, and 10 time Tony Award Winner, Arny Granat.

Makeup Tips For Busy Moms

Being a busy mom is like a synonym for being a full-timeworker. There is no doubt that being a mother, especially of young children, is quite a tough job. Between cleaning up your baby and preparing your toddler for going to school, you almost always forget to take care of …

Skin Care

I On Youth Roll-On Serum: Your Next Skin Care Favorite

I have enjoyed a career in the entertainment industry for decades. Being so often in front of the cameras, I have gleaned a lifetime worth of beauty tips from stars, public figures, colleagues, and friends. I am often asked how I am able to maintain my looks so well at …