The Castle

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The Castle is an elaborate mansion situated on five acres. Containing 15,000 square feet which accommodate 9 luxurious bedrooms, along with basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, this property is estimated at $50 – 75 million and is worth every penny.

The late, honorable Holocaust survivor Siggi B. Wilzig came to America in 1947 without a dime and ended up becoming C.E.O. of Wilshire Oil Co. (of Texas) and also C.E.O. of The Trust Co. of New Jersey.

After passing away in 2003, his son Ivan carried on in his Father’s footsteps as Senior Vice President of the bank, while his brother Alan served as President. One short year later, a mind-boggling $765 million was paid for The Trust Co. of New Jersey by North Fork Bank.

Located just two hours east of Manhattan, the Castle is the sight where Sir Ivan hosts an exotic party for those who are fortunate enough to be invited to this exclusive soiree. This year, the theme for the party was “Sailors and Sinners” and guests showed up accordingly in creative costumes. Sir Ivan greeted visitors dressed in a cape made of silk with a Swarovski crystal peace sign on the back. Partygoers marveled at the lavish furnishings (both interior and exterior) and the revelry lasted long into the night. Costumed guests ranging from an exotic dancer to an N.Y.P.D. detective to an N.F.L. all-star appeared at Sir Ivan’s Castle for one unforgettable night of delightful celebrating and hedonism.

Indeed, all who attended will long remember their eccentric host and the Castle with all of its magnificent features that even Louis XIV would be proud of!!

More About The Castle:

Dream homes in the Hamptons have it all – big pool, tennis court, home theater, putting green, wine cellar – but only one has a nightclub, drawbridge, and 24-Karat gold paint on the tennis court. Party goers flock to the fabled estate all summer long begging entrance to exotic themed parties that go on long after the sun has set. The infamous estate in Water Mill, owned by former banking executive and now philanthropist pop star Ivan Wilzig, is known simply as “The Castle”.

“Nobody else has 24-Karat gold leaf paint on their tennis court or volleyball court or on their basketball net,” remarked Sir Ivan as we recently spoke about his 8-bedroom Hamptons manse. “Every guest room has a theme – Asian, Roman, Bali, even King Tut, and a Moroccan loft.” The nightclub, where he threw a decadent costumed launch party for his “La La Land” single this past summer, features strobe lights, ultra-violet black lights, lava lamps, lasers, and smoke machines.

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