The Cost of Owning a Horse

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Few realize that the costs of owning a horse can come across as expensive, but, when we all see these majestic creatures trotting about, children often see horses in a book or in the countryside, and before you know it, they want one. Horses are indeed fascinating animals, and for many people caring for a horse is a passion.

Well, the parents of horse-loving kids probably knew, which is why this wish often went unfulfilled.

We have broken down the cost of owning a horse in this article to help you know what it takes.

Buying a horse

If you are buying a pony for your child, you will likely want a safe and beginner-friendly pony, but regardless of your preferences, any pony can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. To purchase the horse, you will need a vet to perform a pre-purchase exam. This helps you confirm the horse is healthy and identify his strengths and weaknesses.

If you are buying a horse for breeding or other purposes, the costs can go higher because bloodlines play a role in this.

You must know that buying a horse is the least significant part of owning a horse. Once you have your pony, the real costs come with caring for the horse.


Buying a horse doesn’t mean you have a space or facility to keep him on your property. Most horse owners opt for boarding on someone else’s property, which of course doesn’t come free. The advantages of boarding are that such facilities provide a stable, food, water, exercise amenities, someone to always care for the horse, and so on. The monthly costs for boarding can range from an average of $400-$500 to $3000 depending on your horse’s needs and the services provided. It’s possible to get away with boarding for around $100 when no services aside from a place to stay are provided.

Owning a horse

Health care needs

Horses are big and strong, but they have health care needs too. You will often need a vet’s services to administer vaccines and treat your horse in times of illness or accidents. These could run at $100- $140 annually.

A horse’s feet are always growing and will require visits from the farrier for frequent trims. Skipping this can make life very uncomfortable for your horse. Trimming costs with a farrier can be $30- $75 per visit and shoeing costs $75- $300.

Your horse will need dental care from an equine dentist via annual visits. It can cost around $250 per year.

Deworming is also another health care need that must be done regularly to keep your horse healthy. It can be done by a vet.

Tack and equipment

Owning a horse means you would love to ride it. For that, you will need tack and equipment such as a saddle, bridle, protective boots, and more. These can cost a significant sum depending on how you purchase.

Horse owners can spend an average total amount of $4000 yearly caring for a single horse. It might seem steep to some, but when you can afford it, you can go on to buy your hoofed friend.

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