The Lazarus Conspiracies Premiers in Chicago

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The Lazarus Conspiracies Premiers in Chicago by acclaimed Streeterville novelist Richard Rose’s new murder mystery.

Dozens of enthusiastic fans gathered on the 2nd flr. of Harry Caray’s (at 33 W. Kinzie) to celebrate the long-awaited crime drama masterpiece and even stood in line to receive an autographed copy from the author himself, while waiters accommodated the guests.

The newest entry in the library of Richard Rose’s spine-tingling novels chronicles the pursuits of police detective Mark “Mad Dog” McPherson. As a 21 year veteran of the Chicago Police Dept., McPherson uncovers an unusual fatality involving a Vietnam Veteran who deteriorates into an alcoholic and is found drowned in Diversey Harbor.


This discovery ultimately leads to McPherson revealing a vast conspiracy of powerful individuals of the highest authority. However, Mad Dog’s investigation is unauthorized and his strict superiors disapprove of his practices of disregarding regulations and advise him to change his habits or he will get thrown off the force.

Dick Rose once again entertains his readers with a crime drama thriller that captures their imagination and keeps them in suspense throughout the storyline as this intriguing narrative unfolds, containing startling elements of surprise to the very end. All visitors walked away from this social gathering very content; delighted to meet such a talented author who already has an exciting sequel in mind.


You can buy “The Lazarus Conspiracies” here. Congratulations to Richard Rose for another successful paperback and thanks to all of Harry Caray’s employees and managers who made this special event possible!


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