Favorite Products for Summer 2019

Favorite Hair Products for Summer 2019

We are often obsessed with skincare, makeup, and clothing. Some of us forget that hair needs as much attention as other areas to remain healthy, strong, and lustrous. Summer is all about the heat and sun, and most people are fully stocked with sunscreen and other useful beauty products. As …

The Royal Ascot Experience 2019

Horse racing is a unique and popular sport across the world. It is often synonymous with royalty and glamour. The Royal Ascot Experience 2019 is one of the most anticipated and respected of its kind worldwide. If you have a keen interest in the sartorial elegance, thrilling races, and fine …

Rosehip Oil Skin Benefits

Your current arsenal of skincare products may be enough to start up a store of your own. However, the typical lady will not be satisfied until she can find that one product that does it all. When you are searching for that celeb beauty magic to give you a glowing …

Five Things to Do in Japan That You’ll Never Forget

Japan has been since time immemorial an excellent tourist destination, acclaimed by people from all over the world, and this nation offers for all experiences that will undoubtedly change and mark their lives because it is a cultural reference and has many things to offer. People who travel to Japan …

Margaux Levy and ReVersital MicrodermaStick

When the topic of ground-breaking skincare products comes up, there is one brand in particular that comes to mind. It is always refreshing to see female inventors taking charge by producing their own companies and products, and this iconic entrepreneur is a shining example of just that. Margaux Levy, a …

History of the Hermès Kelly Bag and Grace Kelly

Paris is home to the leading exponents of fashion since time out of mind, for this reason, the events that are iconic and references of fashion are celebrated several times a year in the City of Love. The design house Hermès is well known in the world of fashion. Many …

Beauty Products That Have Stood The Test of Time for The Jam

On The Jam, I discussed the topic of classic beauty products that have stood the test of time. Although this can be a very broad subject, there are five easily obtained products that I consider to be some of the best examples in that category. 

Makeup Products

High-end Makeup Products and their Dupes

If you love to keep up with every new makeup item on the market, your finances would probably suffer because most new products are expensive. Thankfully, there is a less expensive solution to wearing any cosmetic you desire.  They are called “dupes” or cost-effective alternatives to high-end makeups. These products are so similar that you can hardly tell the difference and they cost much less!

Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché A Female Love Letter to Cinema

Thanks to the invitation of our friend Christie Hefner, we had the opportunity to attend the Chicago Feminist Film Festival for the screening of the documentary Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché.

Paris Fashion Week 2019


The most iconic and extravagant fashion designer of our time, Karl Lagerfeld has sadly passed away at the age of 85. Tributes have been pouring in as celebrities and designers alike hail the “genius” for his “extraordinary creative mind.” Here are some of Lagerfeld’s biggest, memorable and ingenious moments of art and …