The Maldives For Absolute Indulgence

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The Maldives is the ultimate luxury spot, making your dreams of bliss and heaven a reality with its over-water villas, star-quality cuisine, and mesmerizing views of turquoise waters. Whether it’s a honeymoon or a luxury vacation, there are fine locations and experiences to make your trip nothing less than dreamy.

Most Luxurious Resorts

Cocoa Island

This is the most expensive island in the Maldives, and between its pristine sand beaches and it’s mesmerizing gorgeousness, Cocoa Island is a stunning place to lodge at. You will spend about $700 – $800 a night.

Velaa Private Island

This exclusive Island belongs to a Prince who was so smitten by the beauty he encountered in the Maldives. This resort is a detailed expression of royalty. From the moment you step your feet in here, you will feel exactly like royalty.

Patina Maldives

This is a fairly new resort that screams paradise. Here, you get to be an exclusive ‘Beach Collection’ guest and experience things like wine tasting, building coral reefs, and movie nights.

Finest Dinings

Hurawalhi Island Resort

At this Island Resort, there is the largest undersea restaurant in the world, and this will take your breath away (your taste buds too). The culinary duties are supervised by a renowned Bjoern van den Oever Chef.

Fenesse, Jumeirah Vittaveli

If you are a French cuisine fan, this place was made for you. This restaurant is popular for its innovation in the culinary world, and we highly recommend the Kobe beef tartare.

So Hands On

Soneva Fushi is home to this high-end restaurant with a sushi counter that is exclusive and you get to enjoy Japanese food.

Things to Do

Beyond the luxury resorts and fine dining, with million-dollar wine, there is still so much more to explore in the Maldives, much more luxury to experience.

So, if you do not intend to eat and sleep throughout your stay in the Maldives, here are a few things to do:

Go see the Glowing Beach

The glowing beach in the Maldives is on Vaadhoo Island, also called Mudhdhoo Island. It is a popular spot among tourists and will leave you with fresh love and wonder for nature. The Beach is known to give off a fluorescent light at night, caused by a natural phenomenon known as Bioluminescence. It occurs because of many microbes in the water known as phytoplankton.

You can come here for a romantic walk, a solo walk, picnic, water sports or even dinner.

Visit Huvafen Fushi

For a mixture of pleasure and relaxation, try the first underwater spa in the world here. The calm of the sea and the massage will leave you feeling more relaxed than you’ve felt in a way. You can also go swimming or snorkeling.

Meet the Dolphins

At Meemu Atoll, you have a chance to cruise and see the dolphins. To be on luck’s side, be here mid-morning or at least late afternoon. In no time, you might spot the cute creatures jumping and playing in the water.

There is so much luxury to experience in the Maldives, and after such a trip, you will certainly return with a transformed and highly restful soul – exactly what the doctor ordered for a new year.



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