Tips to Keep Yourself Safe from COVID-19 When Trail Riding

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Trail riding with your horse can be a great activity for both of you. From feeling refreshed outdoors to a much-needed exercise and bonding experience, you and your hoofed friend have lots to gain.

However, given the times we are in, trail riding just simply isn’t as before. Staying safe is as important as any benefits that come with this activity. So we have put together some tips to help you do both.

Know when not to go

While there are hardly any rules against trail riding, it’s still relevant to know when not to go. For example, if the healthcare system in your area is maxed out, then it’s a better idea to stay home. This situation will make it hard to get help when/if you need it.


We are in social distancing times

Trails or not, we know that social distancing is still a part of going outside. Choose less-popular trail riding locations where you are sure to meet fewer people. If the trail you choose turns out crowded – others might likely have the same idea – have a plan B to help you out. If you are trailering with a vehicle and with others be sure to drive separate rigs.

No more sharing

To stay safe, person-to-person contact should be as limited as possible. While trail riding during these times stick to basic rules like not sharing anything. Don’t use public hitching posts. Always tie your hoofed friend to your trailer or post. Bring and do not share your own food and snacks. Bring and do not share tack and so on.

Maintain 6 feet apart

The social distancing guidelines say we should all maintain at least 6 feet distance with others. When riding with a group of other riders or in a public endeavor to stay 6 feet apart. The same goes for when you encounter bikers, hikers, or others on your trail.

Bring the essentials

Every person’s essentials should consist of a face mask or covering and alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Wear a functional face covering and be sure to keep it clean while you ride. For convenience and increased safety, opt for taking more than one mask along with you. Don’t hesitate to keep your hands clean also with the sanitizer or proper handwashing.

Make health a priority

Ensure you and your horse are healthy before you take to the trails. If injuries or any health problems come up seek help immediately.

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