I On The Scene 2009 Grammy Awards Recap

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I On The Scene 2009 Grammy Awards Recap: Glamour, glitter, winners, losers – all ingredients of the best night in Music….Here’s my take on the evening.

BEST OF THE BEST at the 2009 Grammy Awards was Jennifer Hudson. Hands down. No contest. When she sang “You Pulled Me Through,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. You just gotta love and feel her.

MOST KISSIE FACE goes to Miley Cyrus.

BEST FUN, SILLY DRESS goes to Paris Hilton. Say “nighty nite” Paris.

WORST FUN, SILLY SUIT the 2009 Grammy Awards goes to…who is this guy anyway?

MOST ALOOF at the 2009 Grammy Awards goes to Paul McCartney. Absolutely no connection to the fans that night that I could see. What gives Paul?
BIGGEST SURPRISE at the 2009 Grammy Awards was Fran Dresher who spoke in a normal-not nasal or whiney-voice. She’s been very open and strong regarding her recent struggle with breast cancer. Thank you, Fran. You stand for us all.
BIGGEST FAN DISAPPOINTMENT goes to Usher, this was due to his wife’s recent surgery that was not going as well as expected. Usher was to perform that night and was a no-show. Usher had his priorities in order in my opinion. Wives first.
MOST BEAUTIFUL has to go to Whitney Houston. She looked stunning and that dress was beyond gorgeous. We’re so glad to have her back!
MOST COOL is a tough call. There were so many really cool people there. But when you meet Quincy Jones, he strikes you as the King of Cool, using all sort of hand signals to say hi..and if he touches you, look out for meltdown, he is so cozy and cuddly.
MOST HOT goes to those super hotties, The Jonas Brothers. The crowd screamed when they arrived. And when they sang with Stevie Wonder at the end of the show, they brought down the house.
DYNAMIC DUO Funny guy (really funny) Jack Black, also a talented musician, was accompanied by his father in law, Grammy-nominated Jazz Bassist Charlie Haden to the awards. Both were signing guitars for the Grammy Museum backstage. I ON THE SCENE hears that Jack will be starring in a new Harold Ramis film. The timing couldn’t be better. We could all use a good laugh these days.
2009 Grammy Awards
Grammy participants have a formal portrait taken after accepting their performance. Katy Perry looked too elegant in that pose.
2009 Grammy Awards
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