The 2018 Cabo San Lucas Oceanside Experience

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From the exotic beaches and captivating scenery to its vibrant nightlife, Cabo San Lucas is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and engaging attractions in Mexico. In addition to its enchanting scenery and wonderful people, Cabo San Lucas offers a multitude of exciting activities.

For the best experience in Cabo, it is important that you are acquainted with all of the different locations and what they have to offer. It all begins with the highlight of San Lucas, its beaches! Expectations are you will find a lot of people at Playa Solmar and Playa del Amor. Playa Del Amor has a reputation for its majestic scenery. Popularly referred to as the hidden beach, Playa Del Amor has a distinctive atmosphere that is evocative of romance and intimacy. Positioned at the tip of Banderas Bay, Playa Del Amor features a mysterious, wide hole covered in green shrubs which provides a hollow that conceals warm, freshwater. It delivers adequate shade from sunlight which makes it a fantastic spot for swimming. Playa Del Amor is the pinnacle of romantic experiences for lovers.

While in San Lucas, I made it a priority to explore the splendors and discoveries of this intriguing destination. Anyone who has been to Cabo San Lucas will tell you that it is home to many electrifying sites with plenty of fun activities to engage in. Here is a detailed account of the various eye-opening sites and sounds in San Lucas.

Golf in Cabo

Golf: Punta Sur is the leading golf course and comes with a mind-blowing view of the sea. Other golf sites include Club Campestre San Jose and Palmilla Golf Club.

Cabo San Lucas
Horseback riding

Horseback riding: Cabo’s horseback riding is one activity you should never miss. I felt like a princess in the ancient Persian Empire coasting across the seashore to meet my king. Horseback riding remains the most meaningful adventure I had in San Lucas. While it was not my first time horseback riding, the unique landscape and views of the sea culminated into creating a feeling that can be best described as magical. Maybe you will get the feeling of a pirate who just returned from a protracted voyage to meet his lover as you ride along the shores of Sea Cortez.

Cabo San Lucas
Cabo Cuisine

Culinary cuisine: extravagant food and drinks are some of the delights of Cabo. So many great restaurants. If you are a foodie, you don’t want to miss this global sanctuary. Sunsets are breathtakingly beautiful.

Cabo San Lucas
Cabo Sunset

As the evening sun ushers in the nighttime, a renewed energy and excitement fills the air. For many young adults, this is probably the highlight of San Lucas. The thrill of night clubs in Cabo San Lucas is an electrifying experience that is reminiscent of the best! Monkey Business BarAmazing Cabo Bar, CrawlEL SQUID ROE (& Billy Kitchen) ,Mango Deck Restaurant & Beach Club, Cabo Party Fun, Giggling Marlin, Rips Bar, Two for the Road, Cabo Jazz Spot and many more clubs and bars openly welcome all visitors; each bar having their distinctive peculiarities and amazing features.

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