Important Tips for Traveling to Dubai

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Dubai is a city where almost anything is possible. Some describe it as the city of extremes. Dubai sees a staggering number of tourists each month, all clamoring to enjoy the luxury and adventure the city has to offer. When traveling to Dubai you can look forward to seeing the world’s tallest skyscrapers, the largest ski slopes, the largest malls, and one of almost every restaurant across the world. This city takes the cake!

When you plan an exciting trip to any city, it is vital to be well informed. The same goes for your travel to Dubai. We have put together some invaluable tips to guide you during your stay and ensure the most stress-free trip to the big city. Let’s dive right in.

Dubai Crrek
  • See the Dubai Creek

Most tourists are obsessed with the skyscrapers and golden streets of Dubai. They forget there is much more to the city than tall buildings. Make your trip more eventful with a visit to Dubai Creek where you will find a thriving market. Traders in the souks sell all sorts of things even gold. You can get amazing prices and feast your eyes on everything.

Dubai Food Festival 2019
  • Feel free to eat

Food is one criterion for a great destination. You wouldn’t want to go to a place without exotic dishes and intriguing food options. In Dubai, it is an all you can eat buffet from Italian food to Filipino, Indian, Afghan, Iranian, Yemeni, and more. There is no risk to your health when you eat street food in Dubai.

  • Be culturally sensitive

Dubai is a Muslim city and there are rules to public behavior. These rules apply to both men and women, but they are simple and shouldn’t be a problem during your stay. The people in Dubai dress and act conservatively and as a visitor, you will be expected to respect their culture. Dress appropriately to places. You can enjoy the amazing beaches and pools while wearing a bikini but do not go on a stroll in the hotel lobby wearing only a bikini. Cover up with a flowing beachwear.

Dubai Skyline

Kissing in public is a no-no in Dubai so hold your horses on getting too cozy outdoors. This applies to places like nightclubs too. Couples can get arrested for displaying such acts in public in this city.


Another point is to avoid swearing in Dubai. It is an offense to swear in public. It is also not very appealing to shake hands with everyone you meet in Dubai especially the women. A simple nod and a smile will suffice for a greeting.

  • Visit at the right time

Dubai has two major seasons; hot and hotter. During summer, it takes a lot of effort to stay sane as the heat boils down on you. Hence, visiting during winter might be your best chance. This is usually between October and April.

Dubai Travel
  • Go beyond the malls

The malls in Dubai are large, exciting, and wonderful to visit but don’t let your trip be all about that. See the skyscrapers, spas, beaches, beautiful streets, and more. It is a city of gold so grab all the fun you can.



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