Luxury Hotels Become Home for the Rich – a COVID Haven

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In the last few months, luxury hotels have seen a welcome increase in visitors looking for a COVID haven.

The coronavirus outbreak has done a lot to keep everyone stuck at home and industries searching for solutions to the unfavorable business economy. Hotels have suffered a great reduction in visitors and profits and most owners had to choose between staying open as temporary housing for those in need or shutting down till further notice.

In Julie Danziger’s words, “who isn’t ready to move in and be pampered by a hotel?”

Julie Danziger who is the managing partner of travel advisory Embark Beyond first observed this change in demand in August.

Hotels like the Hotel Bel-Air and the Beverly Hills hotel have seen an increase in 90-day bookings since the start of the pandemic.

Julie explained that wealthy clients suddenly began to question where they would spend the rest of the year.

Ed Mady, the regional director of the Dorchester Collection has suggested that most of the wealthy visitors now opting to live in hotels do so as the best way to stay safe. Ed said, “These guests do not feel safe in [their own] homes with staff members coming in and out, without proper protocols in place,”

While this is true and possibly part of the reason behind this new surge, others may include the need to de-stress and be pampered following the lockdown and restricted travels.

Living in hotels as a COVID haven is a feat that has been accomplished several by Hollywood A-listers. To help their visitors experience satisfaction and better capabilities, most luxury hotels have employed the use of large discounts. This includes 30-50% off the regular hefty price tags for nights at the hotels.

“I’ve been getting quotes for 30%, 40%, and even 50% off the best available rates for one- to three-month stays at coveted places like Amanyara, the Four Seasons Anguilla, and Montage Laguna Beach,” Danziger said.

For hotels like the Rosewood Miramar Beach, booking a two-bedroom residence for a year with a 30% discount can still arrive at the hefty sum of $1.1 million. While others like the Hilton Barbados Resort offer rates like $2500 a month.

a COVID Haven

“Hotels are being really transparent with their rigid safety procedures because they can’t afford to mess up. People now want the protection, comfort, and convenience of a hotel, instead of a standalone home,” Danziger explained.

“And after the stress of the last six months, who isn’t ready to move in and be pampered by a hotel?”

A COVID haven does sound right for this unpredictable period and as the rich with deep enough pockets dig into this option, others can equally take up another growing trend of bringing the luxury into their homes.

Many luxury hotels have taken to the screens to share videos and host live shows with a wide variety of topics and lessons. They include cooking tips/recipes, cocktail recipes, learning outdoor survival skills, how to turn down a bed four-seasons style, and so much more.

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